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Emergency War Update!! US To Shoot Down Iranian Missiles!! US Carrier In Position Near Israel!!

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Emergency War Update!! US To Shoot Down Iranian Missiles!! US Carrier In Position Near Israel!! – NY Prepper

Saturday, April 13, 2024 10:12

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Our country has been invaded in a bad way.

Jesus is literally at the doors, looks up because our redemption is drawing neigh!

This is all in Gods hands. This was all written. If you are born again, you have absolutely nothing to fear. We’ve all heard it, things aren’t falling apart, they are falling into place. God be with all of my brothers and sisters; I love you all.

The situation between Israel and her is very serious and could escalate into a nuclear war because all the major world powers could get involved, like Russia, China and the United States

Russia just did naval exercises with China two months ago in the Arabian Sea. The US is a strong ally of Israel. So this could be what launches a nuclear war between all these countries.

The US Pentagon has started to broadcast Εmergency Αction Μessages. They started yesterday, April 12, 2024.

In the following video we hear a Sky Master Message, which means that US Nuclear Forces are on high, maximum alert. These messages take priority over all other messages that are sent out to US nuclear forces.

An Emergency Action Message is a message from the US Pentagon to US nuclear forces; there are nuclear attack options that are broadcasted to our nuclear forces like the submarines, the bombers and to soldiers that control the Minutemen 3 ICBMs, the intercontinental ballistic missiles, in other words.

These nuclear attack options are broadcast every single day. It is normal for there to be a dozen or so during a time situation where there’s nothing going on in the world. But over the last two days., there have been a massive number of these nuclear attack options! Specifically yesterday and the day before, we had over 150 Emergency Action Messages or nuclear attack options broadcast to nuclear forces.

But yesterday, there was a Sky Master Message that was broadcast. These messages are the highest priority type of message to US nuclear forces!

So US nuclear forces on maximum alert right now!!!

These nuclear attack options are broadcasted in alpha numeric coded messages on public frequencies. They are broadcast broadcasted on the high frequencies. They broadcast on public frequencies because nobody can decipher what they mean, they are just alpha numeric messages, ABC, 123. But to the military staff controlling a missile launchpad in North Dakota, ABC, 123 could mean “Point your nuclear weapons at Iran”!!! And two a captain of a nuclear submarine with many nuclear warheads, this could mean “Aim your missiles at Russia”!!!



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