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China is building the world’s largest DNA database for its organ harvesting industry

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China is building the world’s largest DNA databa…
China is building the world’s largest DNA databa…

China is building the world’s largest DNA database for its organ harvesting industry

04/15/2024 // Ava Grace /

China is building the world’s largest DNA database for the benefit of the communist nation’s organ harvesting industry.Experts on the matter who came to Washington, D.C. testified before Congress regarding China’s systematic, widespread and nonconsensual harvesting of human organs for transplantation, and how Chinse communist authorities are continuing to expand their vast DNA database that enables its organ harvesting industry to quickly locate and quietly abduct perfect matches. (Related: Arizona bill that seeks to end ORGAN TRAFFICKING and HARVESTING zooms in on China.)

“Forced organ harvesting on an industrial scale in China is an atrocity unmatched in its wickedness,” warned Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Chair of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. “One has to go back to the horrific crimes committed in the 20th century by [Adolf] Hitler, [Joseph] Stalin, Mao [Zedong] or Pol Pot to find comparably systemic atrocities.”

“The numbers of those executed for their organs – some even before they are brain dead – is staggering,” Smith announced. “State-sanctioned forced organ harvesting in China amounts to crimes against humanity.”

Smith, who has been drawing attention to forced organ harvesting in China for more than two decades told of a Chinese security official who testified previously that “he and his other security agents were executing prisoners – with doctors, of course, there, and ambulances – to harvest their organs for transplantation.”

Witnesses testify to China’s DNA collection and organ harvesting operations

The Chinese Communist Party’s DNA collection operation is helping the country expand its pool of unwilling donors from prisoners of all kinds to political foes and other dissidents and, eventually, to huge sections of the Chinese populace.

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“Substantial evidence indicates that prisoners in China have been subjected to blood tests, held in captivity, and killed on demand for their organs,” one of the witnesses said in his written testimony. “This assertion is corroborated by evidence and admissions from high-level Chinese o?icials, medical professionals, and o?icial publications. Prisoners are here treated as a resource – a captive pool of organ supply to be exploited as needed.”

Maya Mitalipova, director of the Human Stem Cell Laboratory at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, warned the committee that China has not limited itself to collecting DNA sequencing data within its borders. It is even amassing the DNA information of citizens of the United States.

“The Chinese government is building the world’s largest DNA database by acquiring DNA sequencing data from companies within China and across the globe including [the] U.S.A.,” Mitalipova said.

“Numerous biotechnology companies are assisting the Chinese police in building this database,” she continued. “They include U.S.-based Thermo Fisher Scientific and the Chinese company BGI [Beijing Genome Institute]. BGI in particular is dangerous because it collects genetic data of Americans and uses it for research with the Chinese military.”

Mitalipova explained that China has already invested billions of dollars to sequence the DNA of the entire ethnic minority populations of Xinjiang and Tibet to streamline future organ transplants.

She further explained that, to streamline future organ transplantations, Chinese authorities have already invested billions of dollars to sequence the DNA of the entire Uyghur and Tibetan ethnic minorities in the provinces of Xinjiang and Tibet, as well as the DNA of the Muslim-majority Hui ethnic minority of Northwestern China.

“When a patient requests an organ in China, his or her DNA sequenced data will be blasted against millions in the DNA database stored in computers,” testified Mitalipova. “Within a few minutes, a perfect match will be found. If a potential donor of the organs is not in prison or a camp, then Chinese authorities can easily find a reason to detain a match to be killed for their organs on demand.”

Watch this video from American Media Periscope discussing how China’s organ harvesting program works and how this illicit operation was unmasked.


This video is from the PatriotTV channel at Brighteon.com.


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