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Bob Menendez FAKE Prosecution Fiasco: Entire Case Shows It’s A …Set-Up! – His help toward Greece and Armenia have ANGERED the…TURKISH LOBBY!

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Φιάσκο η δίωξη Μενέντεζ: Ολόκληρη η δικογραφία που δείχνει «στήσιμο» – Ελεύθερος με εγγύηση 100.000 δολάρια ο Μενέντεζ
Φιάσκο η δίωξη Μενέντεζ: Ολόκληρη η δικογραφία που δείχνει «στήσιμο» – Ελεύθερος με εγγύηση 100.000 δολάρια ο Μενέντεζ

According to the Greek news site Newsbreak.gr, here’s entire FAKE case involving Philhellenic Senator Bob Menendez…

After very careful study of the case file, its full text casts serious doubt on the charges and their credibility and a scenario of an organized political assassination of the Senator seems very likely here.

The Senator was absolutely right when he accused the Prosecutors of communication tricks and exaggerations without any substance, as this is exactly what is reveled by the documents in question. As for the alleged findings, it is clear that their value is so paltry that showing them with photos leaked to the press, without the corresponding leak of the indictment, constitutes an attempt at character assassination rather than crime-solving.

Accordingly, payments of millions from enemy countries have been found for the President, Joe Biden, but no investigation has been done! As for many other political figures in the US who have at times had close ties to lobbies and vested interests.

Not a single connection of an illegal payment to the Senator

Also, it is clear from the record that there is not a single connection of an illegal payment that led inexorably to political action by the Senator, a key element for any such indictment to stand in any Court on the planet.

Instead, what is clear from the structure of this case file is that the Prosecutors raided Menendez’s home, made up fake evidence, photographed it all and then released it to the public. It is a given that in any American politician’s home they would certainly find multiple goods, which they could also photograph next to t-shirts with the politician’s name on them…

Menendez indictment first pageThe initial page of the 39-page indictment…  

In the indictment it seems that an attempt is being made to instrumentalize the personal relationships of both Menendez himself and his wife, Nadine Arslanian, and their social-media contacts, in order to establish heavy charges which concern not only the “services” of businessmen in his State, but also relations with a foreign Government, that of Egypt.

Among other things, it attempts to describe a scheme of corruption between the couple and three New Jersey businessmen, Wael Hanna, Jose Uribe and Fred Diebes, who were allegedly behind the bribes both as intermediaries for the Egyptian Government and for their own benefit. Of course, what is contradicted by the other side is that the attempt to connect the Menendezes with these businessmen, so that without fail, it can be proven in the public court of opoinion, is almost childish.

As an example, it is worth mentioning that Hana, whose of Egyptian origin, has maintained a friendly relationship with Mrs. Menendez for many years, even long before she had a relationship with the Senator. The indictment even shows photos of the couple from outings with friends, even from meetings in Menendez’s office–meetings that were anything but secret.

The «suspect» sms messages

Also, various sms, which is not certified in which context they were sent, as well as photos of gold bars, which in themselves do not certify anything. In this context, the indictment implies that Menendez, for example, is behind the writing of a letter (in May 2018) on behalf of Egypt to American Senators, so that they release a package of defense aid to the African country.

No proof was provided for the serious charge, beyond Menendez’s personal connections. As for the infamous “Halal scandal”, the alleged company that was giving out payments to promote its interests did not register the slightest increase in turnover!

A Philhellenic Senator, a man who fights for Human Rights worldwide, a man who has clashed with the most corrupt countries on the planet, Turkey and Azerbaijan, is in the crosshairs of the so-called “deep state”, which enjoys billions of dollars in illegal payments . As can be seen from the infamous “Azerbaijani Laundromat” scandal, with the “black” payments of 3 billion dollars by the dictator Aliyev to Western politicians, officials, journalists and lobbyists.

  • See here the entire file-fiasco…


Menendez is free on $100,000 bond

The senator has pleaded not guilty to bribery charges brought against him in Manhattan Federal Court…

US Senator Menendez, wife charged with bribery over alleged scheme to aid Egypt | The Times of Israel

Amid growing calls from members of his party for his resignation, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez bravely pleaded not guilty in federal court to bribery charges brought against him by three New Jersey businessmen.

Last week Federal Prosecutors in Manhattan indicted the 69-year-old US Senator and his wife on charges that they accepted gold bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash in order for the Senator to exert his influence to help the Egyptian Government and intervene in favor of the three businessmen to the law enforcement agencies that were investigating them.

Menendez appeared a few days ago before U.S. District Judge Ona Wang in Manhattan Federal Court and pleaded not guilty.

His wife, Nadine Menendez, 56, and businessmen Jose Uribe, 56, and Fred Dibes, 66, also pleaded not guilty. A third businessman, Wael Hana, 40, pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court yesterday.

After the accusations, Menendez, one of two senators representing New Jersey, temporarily stepped down as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee because Senate rule states that those accused of felonies must step down from their leadership positions.

But on Monday the Democratic senator insisted he would keep his seat in Congress, denying any wrongdoing.

More than half of the Democratic senators – including Cory Booker, the other Democratic senator from New Jersey – called on Menendez to resign after the prosecution was announced on Friday.

This is the third time Menendez has been the target of a Federal investigation, but he has never been convicted. It seems the lobbies of the war industry are not bending the Philhellenic Senator…


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