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Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout

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Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout
Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout

Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pedophiles, Russia Is Saving the Children – Media Blackout

Fact checked

Russian soldiers are claiming that they’ve made a hideous discovery inside Ukraine, where they say that children between the ages of 2 and 7 are being raised in factory farm conditions before the attractive ones are sold as sex slaves to elite pedophiles and those who don’t find buyers are “carved up like discarded waste” as their organs are harvested and sold for use at European and Israeli transplant centers.

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In video footage from the frontlines of the Russo-Ukrainian War, a visibly emotional Russian officer describes children being treated as if they are “livestock, piglets, or rabbits” by their Ukrainian captors around the town of Izium, where the discovery of an commercial scale child organ harvesting factory was reported.

“They had taken organs [from the children],” the Russian officer explained.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Until seeing all this with one’s own eyes, one cannot comprehend it. But when you see it, you won’t forgive.”

There have previously been more disturbing claims about Ukrainian factory farmed children made by Russia. According to the Kremlin, the Kiev regime has been earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year by raising children in degrading factory farm conditions and selling them to the highest bidder on the international market – no questions asked. It is understood that most of the buyers are wealthy pedophiles with elite connections. As these children do not have identities or official papers they are a pedophile’s dream because, in a legal sense, they do not exist.

Western media and intelligence arms have been quick to dispel Russian claims about Ukraine’s child factory farms as the latest “Russian disinformation campaign.”

Ukrainian and Western press outlets alike seem to have sprung into a fit of CNN-like Trump Derangement Syndrome circa 2017. There is a whole elite-funded media industry including fact checkers working hard to convince anyone who will listen that any claims out of Russia are fake news.

As Putin recently said about the US media, “either they don’t understand the damage they are doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt.”

So which is it? Leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us what you think – are the mainstream media incredibly stupid, or are they intentionally trying to destroy America? After this quick break we will jump into exactly why the hypocritical globalist elite charged Putin this week with crimes against children.

The globalist elite really like to rub our faces in it. Consider the irony of Russian president Vladimir Putin being indicted by the International Criminal Court on charges of abducting children from Ukraine and spiriting them across the border to Russia and safety. Putin has been denouncing the globalist elite’s crimes against children for decades now, in particular warning the West that the elites are waging an active campaign to normalize pedophilia.

The globalist elite will never forgive Putin for resisting their siren song and rejecting the New World Order. The fact the ICC chose to indict Putin on crimes against children says it all.

Given that we know that the global elite like to mock us, an expression immediately comes to mind: “Revelation of the Method”.

In his book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman explained why the elite like to rub our faces in it:

The alchemical principle of the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance. When this is performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolical words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target(s), it is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind-rape.

As the globalist elite have gained in influence in recent years, the Revelation of the Method has become increasingly obvious. While, in the past, the elite operated in complete secrecy, they now seek to operate in plain sight.

In WEF-infiltated New Zealand, a judge declared that 12-year-old children can consent to sex with adults. You heard me correctly. The case in question featured a 45-year-old man whose defense centered on the claim that his 12-year-old victim “wanted it.” According to the middle-aged man, the 12-year-old girl pressured him for sex.

New Zealand has fallen. But it’s not the only ones.

Emmanuel Macron was re-elected as president of France earlier this in an election widely regarded as suspect. It’s perhaps no surprise that he is also one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders and France is also normalizing pedophilia.

President Macron’s government voted against having an age of consent in France in 2018, becoming one of the first nations to give in to pressure from an international cabal determined to decriminalize sex with children across the world.

Like Jacinda Ardern the recently deposed Prime Minister of New Zealand, Macron is one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders. They are all hell-bent on waging war against our children.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned us years ago that the global elite plan to normalize pedophilia in the West. According to Putin, the global elite engage in Satan worship. “Do as thou wilt” is their motto. It appears he was correct.

I said earlier that the mainstream media is complicit in its silence. More interested in promoting Big Pharma products and acting as the PR Department of the Democrat Party, the media appears completely uninterested in the real world issues that have a direct influence on the lives of our children.

If you want to live in a world that is safe for our children, it’s time to make a stand.

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Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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