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Royal Title Given to Ex-Crown Prince by the BBC Angers Greeks

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Ex-royal prince Pavlos appears on the BBC. Video screenshot

Royal Title Given to Ex-Crown Prince by the BBC Angers Greeks

Ex-Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece was given the title “His Royal Highness” by the BBC angering many Greek social media users.

They took to Twitter to remind the BBC that the institution of the monarch was abolished in Greece at the constitutional referendum on 8 December 1974. The voters confirmed the abolition of the monarchy by a vote of 69% to 31% and the establishment of parliamentary democracy in Greece.

Pavlos, the ex-Crown Prince of Greece is the eldest son and second child of Constantine II, the last King of Greece from 1964 to 1973 and his wife, Anne-Marie of Denmark.

He was heir apparent to the throne of Greece and was its crown prince from birth, remaining so during his father’s reign until the monarchy’s abolition.

As a male-line descendant of Christian IX of Denmark, he is also a titular Danish prince although not in succession to the Danish throne, his mother having renounced her rights to the Danish throne upon her marriage to his father.

Pavlos spoke to the BBC on Sunday about his third cousin Queen Elizabeth II and said she was “one of the most wonderful people ever” as he prepared to attend her funeral on Monday.

He said: “The Queen has always been a very kind person to my family. Always received with a smile. My parents were very well taken care of by her when we left Greece and lived in England for years after.”

Pavlos added his father was a “confidant” for the Queen throughout their years in the UK, after he was forced to flee the country with his family following a coup.

Ex-Crown Prince suggests King Charles would want to return the Parthenon Marbles

In a separate interview with Channel 4, Pavlos suggested that Charles III would want the Parthenon Marbles to be returned to Greece.

“I think that is a subject that a lot of the people in the country can talk about. If the people feel that the Elgin Marbles can come back to where they came from in Greece, then we will be very blessed that that will happen,” the Crown Prince told Channel 4 News.

“I do think that His Majesty will keep quiet because it is not for him to make these decisions. However, I do know that being a person that likes culture and architecture and so forth, I’m sure he will feel that these could be in their rightful place.”

He added that he would be open to a “very nice conversation” with Liz Truss on the topic.

SOURCE: https://greekreporter.com/2022/09/19/royal-title-given-to-ex-crown-prince-by-the-bbc-angers-greeks/


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