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George Floyd’s “death” predicted on TV show Paradise PD. It’s ALL FAKE!!!

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George Floyd’s “death” predicted on Paradise PD or Paradise Police. IT’S ALL FAKE!!!

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-by John Kountouris | Feb. 26, 2020 | 11:48am, Los Angeles | Find me on Social Media!: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn • Youtube

Watch the following clips from Paradise Police, S01 Ep03 ( from 2018), where it’s pretty obvious for one to see that the supposed “death” of George Floyd was…PREDICTED THERE! Watch ALL of the following clips and note the following. We are not sure if the clips all originate from the same episode, but, nonetheless, THEY PREDICT GEORGE FLOYD, THE BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTS AND MORE. One of them is in another language, but the clip is pretty self-explanatory. Note that these video were posted to YouTube around a year ago.

-The episode is about “racial tensions” similar to those that have resulted in the fake George Floyd “death”. A black cop sees a supposed “black criminal” in the reflection of a store glass window and shoots him. The reflection is a clear REFERENCE to the concept of…DUALITY in FREEMASONRY. This is your first hint that this is STAGED, FAKE. It’s pure MASONIC DECEPTION. The media, then, deems this “racist” even, though, a black cop is the one that did the shooting…TO HIS OWN BLACK SELF….

-The “black man” that the…BLACK COP supposedly “shot” is named by the media as…G-FITZ. Gee…WHERE HAVE WE SEEN THOSE SAME INITIALS, GF, BEFORE??? The black cop, then, questions the media and ask its “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT NAME FROM?!” The name of the black cop under his Black Lives Matter identity is…G-FITZ as we will see further below. His real name in the show is Gerald Fitzgerald. In the end of the black cop’s interview with the media, the camera is still rolling and we see a…GREEK SCREEN BEHIND HIM hinting at the fact this is all a media…STUNT, PROPAGANDA, etc. …

-There is constant reference to mens’ genitals being shot at and/or damaged. For example, in the beginning of the first clip, the black cop, apparently, shoots himself, accidentally, in the genitals when trying to fire on the imaginary “black criminal”–which is nothing more than himself. When, though, he realizes he DIDN’T actually shoot himself in that area of his body, he’s relieved. This shows you how the situation is…NOT AS “SEVERE” AS IT SEEMS. George Floyd’s “death,” too, was an…ILLUSION, the severity of which is overplayed because…HE NEVER DIED AT ALL. Just like how the black cop never shot himself in his genitals. Get the connection now? What, though, done with George Floyd’s apparent “death”? THEY OVERPLAY IT, JUST LIKE THE BLACK COP’S OWN LITTLE INCIDENT IN THE CARTOON! THEY MAKE A NATIONAL ISSUE OUT OF IT!…

-The protests that result from this…FAKE “shooting” have as a constant mantra “NO NOT MY DICK!” even though NO ONE WAS EVER SHOT IN THEIR…WELL…I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE….

-The black cop in the episode(s) is an…AGENT as well. He plays both a cop as well as a…BLACK LIVES MATTER punk. George Floyd, too, was a…COP a…SECURITY COP who since his “death,” has received tremendous support from…BLACK LIVES MATTER…

-Later in the episode you see Black Lives Matter protestors shouting with sings that read…”JUSTICE FOR G- FITZ“. SOUND FAMILIAR???…

-In this same episode(s), this event in question gets everyone to start…HATING THE COPS. Hmmmm…WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE???…

-The interpretation of this means that the media and government STAGED a FAKE event with a dumb black cop who is nothing more than a stooge, a government AGENT –JUST LIKE HOW GEORGE FLOYD WAS– who was used to carry out an event in order to create CHAOS from the ensuing racial tensions. The Illuminati is all about..ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

-G-Fitz  is…GEORGE FLOYD. The main message here: All black people–as well as other ethnic groups!–are doing (in the case of all these protests by reacting to these STAGED EVENTS) is…DAMAGE TO THEMSELVES AND TO THEIR COUNTRY BASED ON AN…ILLUSION, THE SAME ILLUSION WHICH IS THEN USED BY THE GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA TO CREATE RACE TENTIONS IN AMERICA IN ORDER TO FURTHER THEIR…NEW WORLD AGENDA AGAINST US ALL!!! And the people that run this world from BEHIND THE SCENES predicted all of this at least two years ago!!!

According to paradise-pd.fandom.com, we read….

Gerald Fitzgerald “Fitz” is a post-traumatic wicca, who works as an officer for Paradise Police Department. He is voiced by Cedric Yarbrough.


Gerald is later revealed to be schizophrenic, where a traumatic incident that killed many hostages before he joined the PPD created a split personality he was unaware of known as the Kingpin, who in turn became the criminal boss of Paradise City.


See now the below videos in their succession …

researchflatearth_ Paradise Police
S01 Ep03 (2018)
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Thanks to @codeinewilliams for sharing this clip. ?
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