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George Floyd “murder”: Derek Chauvin is NOT the same guy in his mug shot!!! It’s ALL FAKE!!!

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George Floyd “murder”: Derek Chauvin is NOT the same guy in his mug shot!!! It’s ALL FAKE!!!

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-by John Kountouris | Feb. 26, 2020 | 11:48am, Los Angeles | Find me on Social Media!: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn • Youtube

Anyone with a BRAIN can see that the Derek Chauvin’s mug shot shows someone OTHER THAN…DEREK CHAUVIN. It’s NOT the same guy!!!

See the below post and notice the following between pictures of Chauvin “on duty” and Chauvin in his supposed “mug shot”…

-The noses are NOT the same

-The ears are DIFFERENT

-His hair grew WAY TO FAST within a few days

-The cheeks are DIFFERENT

-The guy’s hairline in the mugshot is more RECESSIVE that than of Chauvin, etc., etc…


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GREEKNEWSONDEMAND.com: ALL FAKEl #georgefloyd #derekchauvin #minneapolis #Minnesota #BLM #falseflag #protests2020

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See now the following images which just tell it all…

Go back and watch ALL of the video of Floyd’s supposed “murder.” The ambulance that arrived on the scene to take Floyd’s body did NOT have one paramedic inside it, but several…OTHER COPS (see the below image) who came a quickly swept up Floyd’s “remains” and then “took him the hospital.” Yet the media told us that…PARAMEDICS came and took him away. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU EVER SEE…COPS POSING OR OPERATING AS…”PARAMEDICS”???!!! WHEN DO YOU EVER SEE COPS DRIVING…AMBULANCES???!!!

For those that don’t know yet, the so-called George Floyd “murder” was…FAKE…100%…and was meant to serve as yet another pretext by which to keep Blacks and Whites…DIVIDED. It’s was also meant to serve

George Floyd is ALIVE AND WELL and counting his…GO FUND ME cash.

Both Floyd, Chauvin, the other “cops” at the scene as well as the people filing the fake video of Floyd’s “death” are ALL ACTORS. They are agents of the Deep State; they are paid and co-ordinated by the DHS. These kind a racially charged FAKE events have been happening for years now (Rodney King, Travon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Gartner, etc.)

If you continue to believe this GARBAGE and LIES, YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

Read now the following for more….

Fake George Floyd protestors outed by Good Morning America – They’re hired as “professional agitators”!

Meet Floyd the…LANDLORD. George Floyd’s…OTHER JOB: A PORN STAR.

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