WATCH: Cop Grabs Man’s Phone in San Jose and Tosses it; Man Responds by Knocking Cop Out!!! / #GeorgeFloyd #FalseFlag

WATCH: Cop Grabs Man’s Phone and Tosses it; Man Responds by Knocking Cop Out

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-Carlos Miller

The last thing the California cop expected was to be knocked out cold for violating the man’s Constitutional rights.

Like we’ve seen so many times before over the years, a cop who did not want to be recorded grabbed a man’s phone and tossed it, a clear violation of the man’s Constitutional right to record but one that rarely goes enforced.However, this time, the man responded by knocking the cop out before running away.The San Jose police officer ended up getting dragged away by fellow officers. It does not appear as if they arrested the man who knocked the cop out but there is no doubt cops are going to be on the lookout for him.

The incident took place Friday during a protest demanding justice for George Floyd who was killed by Minneapolis police earlier this week. A video shows a man with his phone walking in front of police officers with his camera as if recording.

The man who was wearing a facial mask and carrying a skateboard moved from one cop to the other when the second cop grabbed his phone and tossed it aside. The man responded by slapping him down.

Unfortunately, the moment the man’s hand made contact with the cop’s face did not get recorded because the person recording had panned the phone towards where the phone had been tossed. But it shows the cop going down as the man runs away. Another video shows the cops tending to him while he remains knocked out before they drag him away to safety.

Watch the video above which includes a portion in slow motion. Below is another video showing San Jose police attacking a man who had walked up to them recording with a phone in his hand. He also fights back but it does not appear he got away.



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