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The Black Eye Illuminati Club Of The Elite – Why All The Black Eyes?

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The Black Eye Illuminati Club Of The Elite – Why All The Black Eyes?

Mysteriously, a growing number of high-status figures have photos with a “black eye.” Most often, their “black” and “blue” marks are on their left side. But why? Is this a coincidence, or is this a part of an occult ritual? Sure, accidents happen, but there are too many for it to be just that. Many famous people belong to Secret Societies, such as the “Bohemian Grove” and “Skull and Bones,” whose bizarre ceremonies have surfaced on the net.

To join an occult club or get big in Hollywood, often, the recruit must undergo ritualistic torture or engage in sodomy. There is a sadomasochistic game called the Rite of Saturn, whereby initiates are tortured and abused to make them obey.

The black left eye is part of a cult or ‘Illuminati’ high-level initiation ritual. The bruised left eye is a mark given to those who have scaled their way to the elite pyramid’s top. The bearers of black eyes represent the Egyptian Horus, the celestial falcon god. In Egyptian mythology, Horus loses his “one eye” in a battle with Set. That is an allegory of the “sunset.” When Set plucks out the eye of Horus, it means that the sun has descended into Hades. Could the bruising of the left eye be a nod to this, perhaps?

In esoteric circles, the black “left eye” – is the eye of the night – the moon. In contrast, the white “right eye” – is the eye of the day – the sun. As a rule, the “right.

eye” represents “good,” while the “left eye” is seen as evil.
There is another theory that the black eye is the third eye or hidden eye. The third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland, which is about a pea’s size. The band Black Eyed Peas sings a song called Third Eye with lyrics, “I got three eyes, one look from the left side, the other from the right side, got one eye on the inside, and I can see you outside, plottin’ to come in.”

The “one-eyed” sigil traces back to ancient Egypt. The Knights Templar, the original pirates, who had the largest naval fleet in medieval times, would also adopt the “one-eyed” symbolism. The pirates, of course, are known for wearing a patch over their one eye. They also flew a “skull and bones” flag, which reveal their allegiance to death. Thus, when celebs and other high profile individuals appear in public with “black eyes,” their explanations of how they got their bruises may not be truthful. They are more likely involved in an occult ritual, which signals they are followers of the left-hand path.

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