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Karloutsos’ Circles: “Do Not Protest Against Pat.Bartholomew!!”

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Karloutsos’ Circles: “Do Not Protest Against Pat.Bartholomew!!”

A huge fight is in full swing at GOARCH between the Archbishop and Karloutsos.  The fight started when the Patriarchal visit was decided upon the insistence of Elpidophoros, while Karloutsos preferred its postponement to next summer.  Elpidophoros demanded that at the end of the Patriarch’s visit, Karloutsos retire for good… Suddenly, Rasputin Karloutsos discovered his national roots and along with his son Mike (aka “Fredo”) declare left and right “they are Greek”…

By Nick Stamatakis

A very strange opinion piece was posted a few days ago at TNH by Theodoros Kalmoukos, a known mouthpiece for Karloutsos (let me just say that I have not seen ONE word by either Kalmoukos or Diamataris criticizing Karloutsos during the last 40 years!)… In this piece, Kalmoukos calls the community to stop any idea of organizing demonstrations against the Patriarch! Here is what he says: “There are reports that some may organize demonstrations against the Patriarch. We are talking about elements of the Greek-American and the Cypriot Communities, which in this way want to externalize their grief and indignation for the blunder of Elpidophoros”.

I was scratching my head for a while trying to figure out what on earth was going on when I realized that the whole fight between AB Elpidophoros and Karloutsos had started because of their disagreement on the Patriarch’s visit.  Karloutsos wanted it to happen next year while AB Elpidophoros insisted on a visit now… Not only that, but he demanded the “retirement” of Rasputin Karloutsos at the end of the visit… Elpidophoros got his way but the unexpected backlash from the episode at the Turkish House inauguration in NYC changed everything (you see, the Phanariots are so arrogant that they believe we the ignorant faithful should follow them in any misguided decision they make…)

Suddenly, Karloutsos started sounding more patriotic (Greek-patriotic) than the heroes of the Greek Revolution: “I am Greek” he declared in every possible direction, meaning that he would not accept the “Turks manipulating GOARCH”… His son Mike (aka “Fredo”) made numerous posts on Twitter honoring “the great Iakovos”… “We, the faithful of GOARCH would be better served if our current Archbishop would start sounding (let alone acting) like the great Archbishop Iakovos…” Suddenly, the “Karloutsos duo” suffered memory loss, conveniently forgetting that it was the father Karloutsos who backstabbed AB Iakovos and put an end to his prospects of becoming either a Patriarch or establishing an independent American Orthodox Church. (Well, for the last six years they have an extra reason to be anti-Turkish as Turkey does not allow Karloutsos entrance because of his involvement in the imam Fetullah Gulen case…The Turks accuse both Karloutsos and Gulen of being CIA agents…)

Clearly, the Karloutsos “machine” has started a new fight to remove one more archbishop – the fourth in a row after Iakovos, Spyridon, and Demetrios.  And suddenly they discovered that there are some “elements” of the community that “want to externalize their grief and indignation for the blunder of Elpidophoros”.  Well, if there were some preparations for such protests you would not expect to hear it from Kalmoukos and TNH, right? You would expect to hear it from us or other websites that are critical of Elpidophoros…  The fact that TNH and Kamloukos make a reference to protests is a clear effort to put the brakes on the Patriarch’s visit – and at the same time an effort to possibly incite demonstrations…

Let me be a bit clearer here. I have heard some proposals for protests but none was noteworthy.  They all came with second thoughts: “We do not need to organize fruitless protests. Why? Because the arrogant Phanariots and the corrupt Karloutsos GOARCH establishment are doing a fine job of killing each other at the moment and turning themselves into a laughable bunch of people…”  Karloutsos father and son are involved in big legal fights, and Mike’s RICO case is not going well at all, as I hear… Elpidophoros committed suicide by exposing to the widest possible public his ties to the Turkish “deep state”… And the Patriarch just a few days ago in Rome was honored in a big reception by the Turkish Ambassador, while in two weeks he will be welcomed to Washington DC by another big reception by the Turkish ambassador… What more could we do to prove that all three of them are destructive for Orthodoxy and Hellenism in America? They are doing a beautiful job themselves…

The latest news is that Pat.Barthlomew’s visit does not include a visit with Biden at the White House… Can you imagine who would be responsible for such a miss? Yes, you are right, Karloutsos… According to the report linked above AB Elpidophoros, in panic mode, asked the Archons to write letters to their senators to demand that such a meeting in the White House be arranged… Amazing unprofessionalism and a precursor of the Patriarch’s visit’s failure… Where to start? The half-finished St.Nicholas? The “Turkish House” debacle  (we are curious whether the Patriarch will actually visit the Turkish House..)? The empty churches? The financial disaster all over GOARCH? An endless catastrophe – boiling down to the complete lack of faith and spirituality…

AB Elpidophoros is doing his best of course to fuel the fire… His disgusting presence at the Turkish House would be excusable if it was not the latest episode in his multiple ties with the Turkish establishment.  Recently, the fact that he has brought 15-20 “aides” with Turkish passports and he houses them in the headquarters and elsewhere (i.e. the Cultural Center in Astoria) has annoyed many.  How many of them are agents of Turkish intelligence? Several rumors are circulating about their visa status – why are some visas denied? An information request we sent to the GOARCH communication director has not been answered yet…

As I have said many times – and I will never get tired of repeating – Hellenism has four legs: Orthodoxy, Navigation, Diaspora, and Cultural Heritage… The “trio” Karloutsos-Bartholomew-Elpidophoros are “co-conspirators” in causing the “Schism” in World Orthodoxy by their actions in Ukraine and they have undermined the political action of the Greek Diaspora by involving the Turkish Foreign Ministry with the Archdioceses of America, Australia, Canada, and Britain… As far as Hellenism is concerned the word “traitor” is not enough to describe their actions…

The way to protest against them is to stop giving them ANY money and to move to other Orthodox churches for regular service and for weddings and baptisms until they realize that THE CHURCH OF AMERICA HAS TO BECOME AUTONOMOUS.

October 7, 2021, [email protected]   www.helleniscope.com

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