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It’s Happening Again: GOP Voters Discover Their Ballots Already Cast in California Recall Election

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It’s Happening Again: GOP Voters Discover Their Ballots Already Cast in California Recall Election

More shady election shenanigans occurring in Democrat-run state.

One voter claims 70% of the voters at his polling station had their ballots cast before they actually voted.

by Jamie White

Voting irregularities are apparently underway once again, this time for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) recall election.

Numerous Republican California voters eager to vote have discovered that ballots listed in their names have already been cast.

One voter said she handed her ID to an election official who scanned it and claimed she had already voted.

“I said, ‘no I haven’t’,” the woman said. “And she said, ‘this has been happening all morning.’”

“The man next to me was arguing the same thing. So as I left, I did a provisional ballot. And I’m just really angry.”

“And I saw two woman walking toward me as I left and I said ‘don’t be surprised if they tell you you already voted,’” she continued.

“And she said ‘they’ve already done that.’ If I voted, how did I vote?”

Another voter told Fox 11 that election officials stated 70% of the voters who showed up at his polling station already had their ballots cast before they voted.

This isn’t the first report of voting shenanigans in the Newsom recall election.

Last month, a voter noticed the way return envelopes for ballots could accidentally reveal a ‘yes’ recall vote to anyone who was handling it.

“You can see, if someone, from the outside of the mail-in ballot, you can see if somebody has voted ‘yes’ to recall Newsom,” she said. “This is very sketchy, and irresponsible in my opinion, but this is asking for fraud. So anybody that has access to this mail-in envelope can see who’s voted yes, toss it, do whatever they want to it.”

“So, when you’re doing this, make sure that you line up your ballot on the inside of the envelope so that your vote is not visible,” she concluded.

This also comes just weeks after a convicted felon was found passed out in his vehicle with thousands of Newsom recall ballots in his possession.

“Investigators are trying to figure out how the election ballots ended up in the suspect’s vehicle and what their intent was in having them,” police officials said in a statement. “This is an isolated incident and is not related to any additional thefts of election ballots.”

Early voting in the September 14 recall election for Newsom began on August 16, where mail-in ballots were automatically sent to every registered voter rather than having voters request them.

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Alex Jones joins Owen to discuss the shocking revelations surrounding a felon that has been caught attempting to commit a criminal act with recall ballots in California.

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