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No Transparency: Ca Gov. Newsom Under Fire For Keeping COVID-19 Lockdown Info From Public

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No Transparency: Ca Gov. Newsom Under Fire For Keeping COVID-19 Lockdown Info From Public

This ensures the state won’t lift lockdown measures until it wants to

by Kelen McBreen

Despite touting a transparent relationship with the people of California, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is being criticized for holding back information regarding COVID-19.

Since December, the state has used ICU capacity to determine lockdown tiers.

So far, stay-at-home orders have been issued if ICU capacity drops below 15%.

However, the Sacramento area’s stay-at-home order was lifted last week while the local ICU capacity remained at 10%, causing confusion among Californians.

Daily Mail reports, “Suddenly, outdoor dining and worship services were allowed again, hair and nail salons and other businesses could reopen, and retailers could have more shoppers inside. Local officials and businesses were caught off guard. State officials did not describe their reasoning other than to say it was based on a projection for ICU capacity.”

Despite the puzzling decision, Newsom has failed to explain why it was made.

Republican state Assemblyman Kevin Kiley tweeted, “Gov. Newsom is refusing to release the ICU data for his stay-at-home order because it would “confuse” the public, once again throwing in an insult for good measure as he denies our basic rights as citizens.”

San Bernardino County spokesman David Wert said the models being used would benefit local governments.

“If they do exist, the county would find them helpful,” he noted.

Local businesses and even sports coaches are also fed up with the Democrat governor.

Ironically, while the state conceals its COVID tier models, a group of high school football head coaches wrote a letter this week requesting youth sports be exempt from the state’s vague reopening system.

Shattering the idea of shutting down high school football in the name of coronavirus, Serra High School head football coach Patrick Walsh explained, “Only 11 cases of COVID-19 have been traced back to over 1 million workouts over the past month.”

In a survey of about 10% of the football programs in the state, over 1,000 student-athletes are now ineligible thanks to poor grades, while 253 have dropped out altogether.

85 more have joined gangs, 64 were recently incarcerated and 38 became young fathers.

Read the letter below:

California prep football co… by BayAreaNewsGroup


On Tuesday, California’s Wine Country Coalition for Safe Reopening filed a lawsuit Gov. Newsom.

The group of more than 50 wineries and restaurants across Napa and Sonoma counties hope to overturn the state’s ban on in-person dining.

Back in July, Newsom made enemies of the winery community when his order shut down their operations, but his winery stayed open.

According to Kiley, a petition to recall Newsom has reached over 1.2 million of the 1.5 million signatures necessary to reach ballots.

It’s not hard to understand why.

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