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“We Must Resume Life Now!” TX County Judge Calls on Gov. to “Reopen All Businesses to 100% Capacity”

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“We Must Resume Life Now!” TX County Judge Calls on Gov. to “Reopen All Businesses to 100% Capacity”

A county judge in North Texas is calling on Governor Greg Abbott to completely reopen businesses in the state, based on the “science and data.”

Following Gov. Abbott’s announcement last week allowing bars to reopen in areas where there are low COVID numbers – and after a county judge approves – Ellis County Judge Todd Little on Friday issued a memo expressing the state should be fully reactivated.

“Ellis County Judge Todd Little Calls for a 100% Reopening”

Ellis County Judge Todd Little has announced he will file…

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Ellis County, TX Government στις Παρασκευή, 9 Οκτωβρίου 2020

“It’s past time for businesses to be wide open for Texans to enjoy life as we once knew it,” Judge Little wrote in his memo. “I am requesting Governor Abbott fully reopen all businesses to 100% capacity.”

Judge Little went on to highlight the economic devastation caused by the lockdown, and declared Texans can responsibly manage their own health.

“Our businesses have sacrificed way too much. Texans have shown they can safely return to work and school.”

“We must resume life now!” Little demanded.

The Ellis County judge also noted Texas is well-prepared for another COVID surge, should it occur, and reiterated Texans’ abilities to take health seriously.

“We have successfully come together and flattened the curve for our healthcare providers, our local hospitals have never reached full capacity, and we now have adequate PPE on standby.”

Judge Little also underscored the evisceration of civil liberties caused by COVID mandates.

“We don’t need new mandates. It is not the function of government to deprive citizens of civil liberties, but of every Texan to utilize sound judgement and personal responsibility on how they live their everyday lives.”

The judge’s message came days after Gov. Abbott (R) announced bars could reopen to 50% capacity, which several Democrat judges, including Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, said they would not allow.


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