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The Germans have commenced with their new “Modern Macedonia”

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The Germans have commenced with their new “Modern Macedonia” 

By   Ioannis NASIOULAS

June 13 , 2018

The Germans have started full speed right out of the gates for the “Great Macedonia.”  The indefatigable attitude of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to assign the name and the rights of Macedonia to the Slavic-Bulgarians in Skopje (“FYROM”) will have direct and long-lasting disastrous consequences for the national integrity and security of Greece and the Greek people.

In a recent article, the German paper Deutsche Welle has placed a map of “Modern Macedonia” which appears to occupy Greece with Macedonia , as well as the whole of Skopje, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Albania. It is obvious that the idea of using the state of Skopje as a center of dispersal for political conflicts, with all its neighboring states, is for consolidating the political and economic control of the Germans in the Balkans.

In a historiographically arbitrary manner, the Germans report that the geographical region of Macedonia during the Roman occupation reached these areas and so that’s why they call this geographical area “Modern Macedonia.” In fact , they refer to it as such so that Greek Macedonia becomes geographically less in size than the “rest of modern Macedonia,”  At the same time, it is stressed that “Macedonia” is a “state” and that Greece just happens to have a “province bearing that same name.”

They thus reduce  the administrative division of the Greek mainland intto both Macedonia and Greece, just as the Roman bureaucracy had decided at the time, in a geopolitical space with coherence and national rights for its historical heirs. Who are they then? The Deutsche Welle story mentions:

“Both sides have put forward a claim for the name. Ancient Macedonia was the cradle of the Empire of Alexander the Great—he was known in his time as Alexander III of Macedonia . Under the Romans, however, the province of Macedonia, was expanded to include the area of modern Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania.”

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias set fire to the heads of the Greeks. They divide Greece into an institutionalized and internationally ratified process of conferring the right to the birth of a Macedonian Nation with full rights of individual and collective self-determination. Soon the “Macedonian nation” will claim political control of the “cradle of human history“ in its “modern form” .

The Greeks will quench this fire and rightly DEMAND their right over and against these sinister politicians who have placed their personal gain above the national interest …

* Ioannis Nasioulas is a candidate Mayor of Thessaloniki , Doctor of Sociology , Expert of the European Commission and Director of the Institute of Social Economy . [ Biography ]  | Original article link: https://aristeia.online/archives/11172

For a full analysis now regarding this issue as well as US-Greece relations and what’s really going on there…BEHIND THE SCENES, read now Journalist John Kountouris’ article he has published in Judical Watch’s blog…



President Trump, Make GREECE Great Again by Cutting any and all US Funding to George Soros Organizations in Countries Hostile to Greece!

President Trump, make GREECE Great Again by Cutting any and all US Funding to George Soros Organizations in Countries Hostile to Greece!
-by Greek-American Journalist, John Kountouris | April 05, 2018, 6:47 pm (PST) | JohnKountouris.com

Judicial Watch’s (JW) Freedom of Information Request renewals (FOIA) regarding the Obama administration’s secret funding program, which started in 2012, of…GEORGE SOROS ORGANIZATIONS -yes you heard that correctly!- in countries around the world couldn’t have come at a better time for Americans as well as for the country Greece. Why? because the countries that have been receiving this “aid” are (1) doing so with…US TAX PAYER DOLLARS and (2) some of these countries, namely Skopje (“Macedonia”) and Albania, are very hostile toward Greece, a major ally of the United States and a member of NATO who, in modern history, has never been hostile to any country in the world! So now’s the time to nip this all in this bud once and for all!

In this article I will get into all of this in detail and explain how this is all detrimental to both the US, Greece and the rest of the world and how the Trump government since day one has not responded to JW’s FOIA requests concerning all this despite repeated requests by JW’s attorneys and members of Congress.

Judicial Watchs repeated attempts to reach out to the Trump administration

In one of JW’s first articles on this issue, “U.S. Gives Soros Groups Millions to Destabilize Macedonia’s Conservative Govt,”1 published on Feb. 28, 2017, we read about their first attempts at reaching out to the newly formed Trump administration concerning this issue (highlights are mine):

“The U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. Barack Obama’s U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess L. Baily, has worked behind the scenes with Soros’ Open Society Foundation to funnel large sums of American dollars for the cause, constituting an interference of the U.S. Ambassador in domestic political affairs in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

“The cash flows through the State Department and the famously corrupt U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID), which is charged with providing global economic, development and humanitarian assistance. USAID has allocated about $5 million to leftwing Soros groups in Macedonia since 2012, documents show, and at least $9.5 million has been earmarked by the agency to intervene in the Balkan nation’s governmental affairs for 2016-2021. State Department figures have been tougher to come by and Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the numbers. Judicial Watch also fired off a public records request to USAID because the preliminary figures, obtained through various sources in both the U.S. and Macedonia, appear to be incomplete.

“Here’s how the clandestine operation functions, according to high-level sources in Macedonia and the U.S. that have provided Judicial Watch with records as part of an ongoing investigation. The Open Society Foundation has established and funded dozens of leftwing, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Macedonia to overthrow the conservative government…The groups organize youth movements, create influential media outlets and organize violent protests to undermine the institutions and policies implemented by the government. One of the Soros’ groups funded the translation and publication of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” into Macedonian. The book is a tactical manual of subversion, provides direct advice for radical street protests and proclaims Lucifer to be the first radical. Thanks to Obama’s ambassador, [Jess L. Baily], who has not been replaced by President Trump, Uncle Sam keeps the money flowing so the groups can continue operating and recruiting, sources in Macedonia and the U.S. confirm.”

Any common sense American, regardless of party affiliation, would agree that this is all scandalous and makes American look bad. But this is hardly shocking to say the least, especially in view of America’s long standing imperialist agenda of intervening in the affairs of other nations! But now we have…GEORGE SOROS spearheading “American influence” around the world, with American dollars, via the State Department and USAID (U.S. Agency of International Development), by promoting…COMMUNISM in countries around the world (namely Albania, Skopje, Romania, Columbia, etc.) Is this what we want to be promoting, Americans,…COMMUNISM?!

But what is President Trump doing about this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Since the beginning of his presidency his administration, especially on the part of the State Department, has IGNORED these FOIA requests on the part of JW. Why is that? What does Trump have to hide. Throughout his presidential campaign he, ostensibly, blasted George Soros for obvious reasons and now he can’t answer to a simple FOIA request from JW about the fact that this Obama era funding program of George Soros’ organization is -from what the evidence shows- still in effect? Gee, I though he was against Obama and his liberal policies in office.

During a Jan. 25, 2017 speech at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, George Soros comments on the newly-formed Trump administration calling Trump a “danger to the world” and yet Trump, whose been in office 15 months now, has NOT taken the initiative as the US President to deal effectively and decisively with this Obama-Soros program. WHY?! But we don’t stop there because Soros, a major donor to Democratic causes and an ardent opponent of Trump, has been accused by a number of Republicans of funding anti-Trump protesters! None of this makes sense, unless we dare to take a peek…BEHIND THE CURTAIN…

Trump and his family members’ own ties to Soros

Could Trump’s refusal to deal with Soros be due to the fact that both his daughter, Ivanka, and he husband, Jared, are both… BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF SOROS? The media has reported extensively on this the past year or so.

The Hill reported (2) on July 3, 2017 stated:

“First daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were spotted at a party over the weekend rubbing elbows with billionaire Democratic financier George Soros.”

The site collective-evolution.com wrote (3) in Feb. 2017 the following regarding the highly paradoxical choice of Donald Trump to appoint long-standing associate of…GEORGE SOROS, Steve Mnuchin, to the post of Treasury Secretary (highlights are mine):

“President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks have stirred up some controversy in the U.S., and his latest selection is no exception. The Senate just confirmed Steven Mnuchin as U.S. Treasury Secretary after voting 53-47, suggesting that Trump may not be as “anti-establishment” as he would like us to believe.

“A highly experienced business associate, and chairman and CEO of the hedge fund Dune Capital, Mnuchin may seem like a suitable fit to those who don’t see the bigger picture. Mnuchin spent 17 years working at Goldman Sachs, where he eventually made partner and created a fortune of $46 million. Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management, whose founder, George Soros, is a key member of the shadow government disguised as a philanthropic billionaire.”

Also, in a Chicago Tribune article (4) from 2004 we read the following about Trump’s own relationship with…GEORGE SOROS (highlights are mine):

“Donald Trump has lined up three New York hedge funds, including money from billionaire George Soros, to invest $160 million in his Chicago skyscraper, a key piece in perhaps the largest construction financing in the city’s history, according to real estate sources and public documents.”


How the Trump government is continuing a policy of destroying Greece, an American ally and NATO member!

Washington knows damn well that this support of Albania and Skopje (“Macedonia”) is very detrimental to Greece who has always been a faithful ally of the US. But how?

“The Macedonia Naming Issue”

First of all, Skopje is NOT “Macedonia” but…SKOPJE. Their so-called “properly” internationally recognized name is supposed to be “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (FYROM) but no one ever asked the…Greek people if this way okay with them! Now many nations just called them “Macedonia” without any basis and this is a great affront to the Greek people who over the years have voted unanimously against Skopje using the term Macedonia in its name.

This whole nonsense of this country which is made up of Slavs, Albanians and other nationalities, has plagued Greece for decades because the US wants Skopje to enter NATO in order to close off any Russian influence to the Balkans and the only thing standing in the way of this is this so-called “Macedonian naming issue”—so they say!  So what does a country’s name have to do with them entering NATO and stopping Russia?! IT DOESN’T, especially in this case! Yet the US, NATO and the EU continue to pressure Greece to hand over its OWN CULTURAL HERITAGE to a mixed group of people that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the…HELLENE (Greek) Alexander the Great nor ancient Macedonia, which according to the ancient Greeks themselves, were both GREEK! Harvard and many other universities classics programs have verified this over the decades.

Alexander the Great designed the Koine dialect with Aristotle (who was from the same region as Alexander the Great) and this was used a vehicle by which to spread…HELLENISM (in other words, the GREEK culture) through the whole world. By the time of Christ, the whole know world had become Hellenized via the Koine dialect of the Greek language and the Hellenic (Greek) influence of Alexander the Great’s conquests throughout the them know world.

This “naming issue” is being used by the US government, Europe, etc. to…DESTROY GREECE, its culture and heritage because we Greeks were, are and will ALWAYS BE…THE LIGHT OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION—and no one can dispute that! My book “Your Academic Guide to the Greek Language, Culture & Civilization by John Kountouris” goes over all this in detail.

This sinister plan falls in line with the New World Order Agenda of the US, Europe, Russia and the rest of the world because ALL nations now are promoting this! The plan for Europe is the complete integration of the EU member states via the complete dissolution of sovereign, nation-states, especially former satellite states of the great, Greek-Christian Byzantine empire (which ruled the world for 1,100 years), namely Greece, Serbia, Romania, Albania as well as Yugoslavian nations like…SKOPJE, etc., and it just so happens that American tax-payer dollars are going to these countries to fund Soros communist, insurrectionist programs there! Soros has MAJOR influence on Greece, too, and has bribed Greek politicians of the present communist SYRIZA government there to carry out his radical, communist agenda there are well.

US Ambassador to Skopje, Jess L Baily

According to JW’s FOIA requests over the past year or more, the US Ambassador to Skopje (“Macedonia”), Jess L. Baily, who was appointed by Obama over three years ago, “has worked behind the scenes with Soros’ Open Society Foundation to funnel large sums of American dollars” to fund his radical leftist (communist) cause there. What else interests us Greeks about Mr. Baily is the fact that he, too, is playing a role in this “Macedonian naming issue,” which again, hurts Greece’s interests, by financing, on behalf of Soros, with YOUR MONEY, Americans, and prodding on the leftist government of Zoran Zaev to continue to demand that his country’s new name have the word “Macedonia” included in it.

Case in point was the June 2017 Washington conference of The Annual Macedonian-American Leadership Conference (MALC) which celebrated the strong alliance between their country, SKOPJE, and the United States of America and was held in order to reinforce in their deluded minds that they are “Macedonians” and have a “right” to call their country “Macedonia.” In an article (5) on their official site regarding this they stated the following:

“After Popescu, MALC2017 guests heard from U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Jess L. Baily over Skype from the embassy in Skopje about U.S. policy and updates from the ground. Ambassador Baily continued with a Q&A session and took questions from the audience on Macedonia’s NATO aspirations, rule of law, and economic development/trade with the U.S.”

In other words, Jess Baily is in full cooperation with Skopje by funding their radical, leftist government, via Soros organizations, with US money, and by supporting them in their attempts to…ROB GREECE of its OWN IDENTITY!!! This is a longstanding, American deep state plan for Greece and Skopje and Trump is doing nothing about this despite the fact that JW has warned him repeatedly about this dangers of Jess Baily, who’s clearly working for SOROS and NOT AMERICA, and has also called upon him to fire Baily which he still hasn’t done! Again, the question is…WHY?

Greek Prime minister Costas Karamanlis, Macedonia, the CIA and the “Pythia” case

The night of the 2008 US Presidential elections I was in Greece on business and attended the pre-election party of the Greek Republicans based in Athens, in Athens, on the invitation of their chairwoman, Katerina Papathanasiou. There I met the US Ambassador to Greece, Daniel Vern Speckhard. When I spoke to him I told him bluntly that the US’s policy of undermining Greece’s efforts to become a strong nation again by using enemies of ours, like Turkey, to threaten us on a daily basis, need to stop. He agreed with me and said “You’re right, but what can we do. It’s all politics.”

Well oddly enough and as I found out several years later, it was that very same Speckhard who was in secret cooperation with the political opposition party of Greece, PASOK, to undermine and take down the then Greek government of Costas Karamanlis because of his policy of making Greece a great nation again and for his refusal in 2008 to vote in favor of…Skopje (FYROM, “Macedonia”) joining NATO at the then big NATO conference in Bucarest.

In a related Wikileaks cable leaked in 2011, we learn of how Speckhard was in secret communication with the then Opposition party leader of PASOK, George Papandreou, in early 2009 and how Speckhard states in the cable how Mr. Papandreou was willing to “serve” the new American administration of Barack Obama! Note, too, that this was months before the Greek PM elections of Oct. 2009 where Karamanlis lost the elections, thus plunging Greece into a period of endless “bail-outs” by the TROIKA (EC, ECB, IMF) along with severe austerity measures, all based on false pretexts by which to destroy Greece and rob it of its public assets and natural resources which number in the trillions of dollars. All of this is…STILL going on TODAY with America and the IMF calling the shots behind the scenes in co-operation with Merkel and Germany! Wikileaks revealed all of this in July 2016, clearly demonstrating from Hillary Clinton’s emails how…SHE actually played a major role in all of this when she was Secretary of State!

My second book, “HELLENIC CRISIS by John Kountouris” goes over all of this in detail exposing this whole fraud with first hand information from Greek political and economic figures.

Already in 2004, during the then Greek Olympics in Athens, the CIA and US State Department had targeted Mr. Karamanlis. A high-level CIA agent by the name of William B. Basil (of Greek heritage!) was tasked with spying on the Karamanlis government with other CIA agents in Greece and when things got heated, he was also ordered to put a…HIT on Mr. Karamanlis! This is all very well documented in the famous “Pythia-Vodafone” (Πυθία) case which has been in the works for years in Greece in which have testified high-level Greek intelligence figures; and it was a high-level Greek court ruling last Fall that came out with a major decision on this indicting both Greek officials and Mr…WILLIAM B BASIL for their involvement in this major scandal/crime which has plagued Greece for years.

Also, it has been Wikileaks over the years who has revealed all of this. For example, in one of their cables from 2011, they reveal how former US Ambassador to Greece, Charles Rice, admits to this underhanded US plan against the Karamanlis government particularly with regards to the wiretapping it did against him.

The CIA and the US government REFUSE to hand over Mr. Basil to the Greek authorities to be tried—this tells you just how much America “supports” Greece!

The US governments funding of Albania which wants to invade Greece

Last, in JW’s latest update concerning US money being sent to these same Soros programs in Albania, another country extremely hostile to Greece, we read:

“Judicial Watch obtained 32 pages of records showing the Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayers’ funds to a group backed by billionaire George Soros, which used the money to fund left-wing political activities in Albania, including working with the country’s socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial ‘reform.’ The records also detail how the Soros operation helped the State Department review grant applications from other groups for taxpayer funding…The new documents show USAID funds were funneled through that agency’s Civil Society Project to back Soros’s left-wing Open Society Foundations in Albania, particularly the Soros operation efforts to give the socialist government greater control of the judiciary. USAID reportedly gave $9 million in 2016 to the ‘Justice for All’ campaign, which is overseen by Soros’s ‘East West Management Institute.’”

This again is unacceptable both for Americans and Greeks. For Greeks because this is just another clear proof that American supports and funds its enemies.

Albania threatens Greece on a daily basis, just like Turkey does, and their PM, Edi Rama, is a…GEORGE SOROS PLANT! In a 2016 Wikileaks leak (7) concerning Hillary Clinton and Albania, we learn that it was indeed, Soros, who put Edi Rama in power. No surprise there!

U.S. Ambassador to Albania Donald Lu is another Soros plant there, who’s apparently, too, been sending US dollars there. Trump needs to now PROVE he is really for making America “great again” and one way is by doing the obvious here by putting a STOP to George Soros’ influence over our government’s policies in other nations political affairs by (1) cutting any and all funding to these Soros programs in these countries and (2) ensure that his State Department stops promoting COMMUNISM abroad and (3) start supporting REAL allies of the US like…GREECE who has given everything (culture, language, science, etc.) to world! Make…GREECE great again. The Greeks and the world deserve it!

-John Kountouris is a well-known Greek-American journalist and author who appears on Greek radio and TV worldwide as a political pundit. His landing page is JohnKountouris.com where you can also find his books. Find him on Facebook and Twitter: John Kountouris. Some of his top interviews include interviewing Christos Marafatsos, President Trump’s official representative to Greece and Vice-Chairman at National Diversity Coalition For Trump.



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