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McGregor/Mayweather fight rigged. 100% proof

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McGregor/Mayweather fight rigged. 100% proof

The fight was fake folks.. Floyd is a businessman. He does not accept a fight unless he wins.. This is how you make wealth in boxing. There will be a rematch. There is audio video footage of Floyd telling McGregor we are rich now during the fight. i will upload it when i find that video. This was clearly a rigged fight. Floyd does what he does because it makes him money and all those who play this game with him. In the 50s,60s and 70s there was a lot of mafia involved telling certain fighters to take a dive in certain rounds so they win big bets. The most famous or the biggest rumor was Liston vs Mohammed Ali most to this day believe that Liston took a dive as he was heavily linked with the mafia. Who wouldn’t throw a fight for 100M?.. it was all just business to make money.
The guy who yelled out for Floyd to F***ing stand still at weigh in was more than likely Mob ties. Do i believe all of it.. maybe knowing the long history of boxing lol.. A rematch will settle it.. i hope it happens.. Real or not its the fight of a lifetime and it made me like Floyd even more.. I get it now.. TMT the money team. You want the big payday you make a deal.. Why not throw it for Floyd? There’s a bigger payday always ahead. Boxing was dying. I was a big Roy Jones jr fan.. Since then it’s not been the same. Just think about this fight round.. McGregor gut shots Floyd and hurts him.. What does a MMA fighter do when they see you are hurt? They are trained to go mortal combat on their opponent. Watch what Conner does at that moment in the fight.. Proof it was rigged lol.. Or a good reason to suspect Floyd must be protected or the Money team loses it’s power. Don’t forget: M-Weather uses Xylocaine (a banned substance in 49 States except Nevada) for his “brittle hands”, uses USADA instead of VADA, got busted for an (LOL) “IV drip” for “vitamins” after his fight with Pac, freely admits to vampire facials (blood doping) for supposed low testosterone, looked bigger at 40 than he did at 30 and even his entire 20s for McGregor fight, had fresh legs EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND. for McGregor fight and wasn’t even tired. Yup, and he still ran:) But don’t worry McGregor, White, Ellerbe, Showtime, etc.. were all in on it as well as the other 49 fighters. There’s a reason why this guy only fights in Vegas; it’s not hard to figure out. We all just need to watch WWE where it’s clearly fake, but it’s fun:) -GentileWorldOrder-



Promoter Found Dead After Exposing Mayweather-McGregor ‘Fake Fight?’

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