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Italian Euro MP G. Buonanno KILLED in auto accident after LAMBASTING Greek EC Rep., Avramopoulos!

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–by John Kountouris, Greek-American journalist | JohnKountouris.com


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–by John Kountouris, Greek-American journalist | JohnKountouris.com




Alex Jones on Infowars.com just mentioned on his Facebook mentions entitled “666 Mystery Solved!” that today is, indeed, an…OCCULTIC day due to the date today: 06/06/2016.  He, also, mentioned that there could take place today some type of incidents and/or rituals on the part of the satanic Illuminati elite that control this plant.

We I am suprised that he did not mention the death of the Italian member of Parliament, Gianluca Buonanno, which happened yesterday and which was under very suspicious circumstances!

According to Telepgraph article “Controversial Italian MEP who was fined for nazi salute and ‘blacked up’ in parliament dies in a car crash,” we read the following:

“The death of an Italian right wing MEP who made headlines for controversial anti-immigration stunts and comments has sparked tasteless reactions on social media.

“Gianluca Buonanno, a member of anti-immigration Northern League known for his provocations in both the Italian and European Parliament, has died in a car crash aged 50 on Sunday.

“His wife, who was also in the car, is reported to be in hospital.

“In a show of bad taste, some Italians have taken to social media to rejoice in the death of the politician, with one of the more moderates saying that ‘death was the only way of getting rid of him.’
Meanwhile politicians have offered their respects to both Buonanno’s party and his family. Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi said that he paid his respects to Northern League’s leader Matteo Salvini and added ‘respect in front of pain and death.’

“Mr Salvini, also known for controversial anti-immigration comments, said ‘I have no words, in an accident has left us Gianluca Buonanno.’

“‘A Commitment: we’re not gonna give up ever, even for you. Hi Gianluca, miss you,’ Mr Salvini posted on Facebook.”

Read the full article here from our source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/06/controversial-italian-mep-who-was-fined-for-nazi-salute-and-blac/

However, what the mainstream news media is failing to report on is the fact that, just two days prior in  Strasbourg where Euro Parliament members met, Mr. Buonanno litterly went off on Greek European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Abramopoulos who has held this very big and key office in the EC since 2014 (click here for more), for the Greek government’s careless and TREASONOUS stance on the migrant crisis.

In the light of the suddent death of Mr. Buonanno just two days after his speech (on the 2nd) in the Euro Parliament where he…LAMBASTED Mr. D. Abramopoulos (or Avramopoulos) for the fact that Greek government has betrayed all of Greece by DELIBERATLEY allowed droves of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into Greece–the most of which are NOT “Syrian refugees”–in order to…DESTROY Greece for obvious, new-world-order-type reasons.

In brief, here is what he said and you can draw your…nwo conclusions here…

–Buonanno: Mr Avromopoulos… we have been been here discussing important matters here on the migrant crisis and you have been just sitting there fiddling with your iPhone and iPad…you’ve done it like 30 times already.  Are we at all interested about what we are discussing here today or are YOU just writing us off here???… And it looks like you here to just “show up”, but if that’s the case, STAY HOME THEN!… Find a cot there in the hall outside of this room and take a nap, then come in and give us your two cents worth… Were are talking here about people coming and going in and out of European Union countries who have NO right to be here!… We DON’T want these suppossed “refugees” here because we all know that only about 5% of them are actually refugees!…. They like to come here so we can take care of them!… We Italians are FED UP with all of this!… And the SAME THING IS HAPPENING IN GREEC, TOO!… All we do here is make plans to deal with all of this and NOTHING ever get done!… 

As of the past 18 hours, the Greek internet has…EXPLODED with conspiracy theories surrounding the death of this brave Italian Euro Parliament member! Click HERE as an example from a well-know Greek news site.

According to well-know conspiracy theorist Rosario Marcianò, the death of Buonanno is very suspicious simply for the fact that the other car that actually struck Buonanno’s car on that Italian road has…ODDLY ENOUGH…LEFT ZERO TRACES ON THE SCEEN OF THE ACCIDENT and that it appears that they were deliberately…REMOVED! (click here for more)


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See the video below with the Greek title “Πώς αντιμετωπίζεις έναν Έλληνα πολιτικό υπέρμαχο της λαθρομετανάστευσης!” by the channel kostas athanasiadis:


Mr. Dimitris is a well-know member of the Bilderberg Group and, of course, a…HIGH-LEVEL FREEMASON who has sold his soul to the powerful Zionist Jews!

See the following video on that:

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