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The third rail

by John Kountouris
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The third rail


Certain hazardous topics require risking our lives if we aspire to be real
I keep running into that phrase. The third rail. Of course it’s a metaphor from the subway. You touch the third rail and you electrocute yourself. I have to explain that because the American people have become so dumbed down they might not know what the phrase “third rail” means. It means you touch it and you likely will end your life.

Unfortunately for all of us, the third rail of reality must be touched, or our lives will never be real. Right now our lives are not real because there are so many topics we can’t talk about in public, and because we can’t talk about them, all the decisions we must make are necessarily based on insufficient data, rendering our lives inauthentic, delusional and at elevated risk for both inadvertent injury and unexpected termination.

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