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Eustace Mullins – “Medical” Conspiracy Against Humanity

by John Kountouris
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Eustace Mullins – “Medical” Conspiracy Against Humanity

–by TheRapeOfJustice

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Eustace Mullins with Daryl Bradford Smith on The Medical Conspiracy Against Humanity, November 26, 2006.
On Ezra Pound; the Dangers of “Big Pharma”; the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly; The AMA (American “Medical” Association); The Flexner Brothers; Mercury; Fluoride; Prozac; J. Edgar Hoover; James Bryant Conant ( President Harvard University), the Godfather of Modern Military Science; Anthrax; the Jew Winston Churchill; The Flexner Brother; The Rockefeller Institute; Polio Vaccine; Dr. Simon Flexner; Dr. Abraham Flexner; Fluoride in Water; Junk Science; Murder By Injection; Petroleum based “Medicine”; Prozac and Fluoxetine; Mercury; Hormones; Antibiotics in the Beef Supply; The American “Medical”Association”; The Powerful Lobby of the AMA in Washington; The AMA and Zionist Control; Morris Fishbein; Homeopathy; Cholesterol Drugs and Heart Diseases; Chlorine in the Drinking Water; Chlorine and Heart Attacks; Mainstream Television; Billy Graham; Pat Robertson, and more.


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