Prison Blockbuster: Barr to Defend Trump from Serial Rapist Allegations, Trump’s DNA Needed

Prison Blockbuster: Barr to Defend Trump from Serial Rapist Allegations, Trump’s DNA Needed

Attorneys seek to substitute US for Trump as defendant in E Jean Carroll case, meaning tax dollars could cover any payout

VT’s Offer: We will investigate, check family DNA samples against rape evidence and then have our team in Russia get the video (if it exists) of Trump’s ‘Golden Shower.”  We know who has it

Maybe he can share a cell with Cosby.

Guardian: The US justice department is seeking to take over Donald Trump’s defense in a defamation lawsuit from a writer who accused him of rape, and federal lawyers asked a court on Tuesday to allow a move that could put the American people on the hook for any money she might be awarded.

After New York state courts turned down Trump’s request to delay E Jean Carroll’s suit, justice department lawyers filed court papers on Tuesday aiming to shift the case into federal court and to substitute the US for Trump as the defendant. That means the federal government, rather than Trump himself, might have to pay damages if any are awarded.

The filing complicates, at least for the moment, Carroll’s efforts to get a DNA sample from the president as potential evidence and to have him answer questions under oath.

Justice department lawyers argue that Trump was “acting within the scope of his office” when he denied Carroll’s allegations, made last year, that he raped her in a New York luxury department store in the mid-1990s. She says his comments – including that she was “totally lying” to sell a memoir – besmirched her character and harmed her career.


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