Coronavirus: Boris Johnson spends second night in intensive care. Continues to FOOL British citizens Read also our article Coronavirus: Official website of the UK says COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease! so you can see how the British government is pulling the wool  over people eyes with this while coronavirus…SCAM!!!

CNN: Boris Johnson spends second night in intensive care fighting coronavirus

Boris Johnson in ICU, Raab deputized to step in as needed 01:04

(CNN)British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spent a second night in intensive care at a London hospital, suffering from coronavirus.

Johnson is “clinically stable and is responding to treatment,” his official spokesman said on Wednesday.
“The Prime Minister is receiving oxygen treatment is breathing without support,” he said.
Johnson was taken to St Thomas’ Hospital, close to the Houses of Parliament, on Sunday night and was admitted to the intensive care unit on Monday.
On Tuesday, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove acknowledged that fellow ministers were taken by surprise when they found out Johnson had been taken into intensive care.

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