Turkey Invades Syria to Defend al Qaeda, 4 Russians Killed

Turkey Invades Syria to Defend al Qaeda, 4 Russians Killed

Erdogan is daring Russia to confront him….

Turkish President Erdogan has begun a war on Russia backed by the US, including a huge personal cash payoff and the release of Turkey’s first 5 F 35 aircraft.  Acting as a Trump-Netanyahu proxy, despite the fact that superficially Erdogan has opposed the apartheid “peace plan” Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia and pushing on the Palestinian people, Erdogan is coming back in line with his longtime policy as a supporter of terrorism.

If Russia fails to act strongly, Russian hopes for the Middle East will quickly dissolve. 

Further US threats to crash Turkey’s currency have been used to bring Erdogan back into the fold as a full-time supporter of ISIS and al Qaeda, both operations of western intelligence agencies.

Additionally, Turkey is aiding in the resurgence of ISIS inside Iraq as well.

Trump has promised Erdogan a personal cut from Syrian oil now being delivered through Turkey.  Russia and the US have nearly come to blows of late when US troops have blocked Russian peacekeepers from Northern Syria which threatened deliveries of stolen oil to Erdogan’s Erbil based operating company, both trucking and oil sales, nominally owned by his son and Israeli investors.

This morning, Turkey sent a 200 vehicle column into Syria’s Idlib province, hoping to hold off Russian and Syrian forces who have been retaking this region from the coalition of al Qaeda terrorists and Turkish paid mercenaries who have enslaved the local population for years and have looted everything that could be stolen.

Coordinated with al Qaeda, forces attacked a combined Russian-Syrian unit in West Aleppo that has been securing the region from terrorist forces that have been shelling civilians in Aleppo continually for many months now.

The combined artillery and mortar attack on the Russian-Syrian column was by Turkish Army units and Turkish military dressed as militia, destroying several vehicles and killing 4 Russians and 30 Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

It is clear that Erdogan is daring Russia to confront him.


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