EXCLUSIVE: CBP rebuked for ‘failure’ to collect DNA from migrant detainees

EXCLUSIVE: CBP rebuked for ‘failure’ to collect DNA from migrant detainees

CBP rebuked by watchdog, whistleblowers for ‘failure’ to collect DNA from migrant detainees

Catherine Herridge

By Catherine HerridgeCyd Upson | Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: A top government watchdog has joined whistleblowers in rebuking U.S. Customs and Border Protection for allegedly failing to collect DNA from detained migrants so the samples could be checked against an FBI database for violent crimes.

“U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents and illegal aliens in this country are and have been harmed due to our agency not collecting DNA,” Mike Taylor, one of the government whistleblowers, told Fox News.

The whistleblowers specifically alleged that the DNA pilot program was put on hold during the Obama administration, and efforts to implement it under the Trump administration were derailed.

“There is no current pilot program. It’s basically dead in the water,” fellow whistleblower Fred Wynn said.

The whistleblowers filed a complaint in May 2018 with the Office of Special Counsel (which is separate from Robert Mueller’s former office with the same name). On Monday, after inquiries from Fox News, the Office of Special Counsel issued a rare statement.

“OSC fully supports these whistleblowers. While OSC does not typically comment on open investigations, we do want to point out that in this case, the Special Counsel determined there was a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing by CBP for its failure to collect DNA from undocumented detainees and arrestees,” spokesman Zachary Kurz said in the statement.