#CaliforniaFires, the song “The Last Resort,” Trump calls the city Paradise “Pleasure” & Predictive Programming

#CaliforniaFires, the song “The Last Resort” by the Eagles, Trump calls the city Paradise (which burned to the ground) “Pleasure” which is in connection with the movie “Back to the Future: Part 2“,  Paradise Lost and…Predictive Programming

Welcome to the….REAL PARADISE LOST….!!!….


Go forth and set the world on fire.” –St. Ignatius of Loyola

-by John Kountouris | 9:57 (PST) | 11/21/2018

In other words, the California “fires” were nothing more than a…STAGED, GOVERNMENT FALSE FLAG ATTACK in order to carry out its sinister Agenda 21 agenda at the expense of human lives!!! THEY did the fires and we have all the proof!!!

They are using Directed Energy Weapons ground-type of explosives and more. Read also the following for more on this with more proof:



Lockheed Martin Directed Energy Weapons in relation to the #CaliforniaFires

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation | #CaliforniaFires

Let me, though, explain a bit all this, especially for those who still have not woken up to what’s really going on in this world, especially with the “election” of Donald Trump as president of the…UNITED STATES CORPORATION. YES you heard that CORRECTLY! Let’s first listen to the first video we have here which is video that plays the Eagles’ song “The Last Resort” which talks about…PARADISE. And WHAT was that small, historical city in Northern California that just got burned to the ground??? PARADISE

Listen to the WHOLE SONG to the very end….


Here now is a video where Trump, who at the fire site in the city of Paradise, calls Paradise…”PLEASURE.” Hmmmm…isn’t that INTERESTING because Biff Tannen’s hotel in the movie “Back to the Future–Part 2” is called…PLEASURE PARADISE….


For those who would doubt all of this, it was Back to the Future’s co-writer and producer, Bob Gales, who in a October 2015 interview said that the character Biff Tannen in the movie series is none other than…DONALD TRUMP in real life! Read the following for more:

Biff Tannen from Back to the Future was based on Donald Trump

‘Back to the Future’ Writer: Donald Trump Inspired Biff

‘Back to the Future’ Predicted 9/11 and 4 Other Crazy Conspiracy Theories

For a full analysis on this, see the next video by the excellent channel “APlaneTruth.Info”….


The following image is what I want to get into your heads here….

Biff Tannen (Donald Trump) and the movie Back to the Future, like many other Hollywood movies, is nothing more that a predictive-programming piece used by the Illuminati (which controls your government), in co-operation with Hollywood, to “predict” -or rather…FORETELL- what is going to happen in the future with Trump’s presidency in accordance with their evil New World Order agenda for humanity. Biff Tannen’s hotel is named Pleasure Paradise. Now listen again to Trump called the city of Paradise…PLEASURE. HOW IN THE WORLD can he make that big of a gaffe?! And watch how Trump…SMIRKS when he says Pleasure. WHY? because HE KNOWS what’s going on here and he’s…FOOLING the public…


Might I add that both Hollywood and the media had predicted Trump’s presidency YEARS in advance. The best example of this is Newsweeks’ article on Trump titled “DID AN AUTHOR FROM THE 1800S PREDICT THE TRUMPS, RUSSIA AND AMERICA’S DOWNFALL?” ENJOY IT!

The areas where the fires are occurring in California in the past year or more just to happened to occur in marked-off, zoned Agenda 21 development areas of the United Nations! See the below video for all the details. For those who still don’t know what Agenda 21 is, see also “BOMBSHELL: DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS USED IN CALIFORNIA FIRES“. These fires are happening for various different reasons. The overarching reason, though: Agenda 21: the global elites plans for world domination, for culling the masses as well as control over the Earth’s natural resources.

See now the next video….


So to conclude and as the song says…“KISS IT GOODBYE”…we can KISS IT ALL GOODBYE unless we all WAKE UP and take back our state, California, our United States (of America) and our world, in general, from the…NEW WORLD ORDER…!!!….