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Video PROOF of the use of drones/aircraft used to carry this out! 

See the Youtube channel APlaneTruth.info for all the proof concerning this (click here) like the following…


-by John Kountouris | 11:11pm (PST) | 12 Nov. 2018

Activist/journalist Deborah Tavares has been revealing for years now that all these so called “fires,” whether in California or elsewhere, are the work of a sinister Deep State Defense Department program tied into the world elites’ (Rothschilds’, Rockefellers’, etc.) Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 programs which pretty much ALL nations have signed and approved. These Agendas are supposed to help deal with non-sensical/DECEPTIVE “phenomena” like “global warming” and “climate change” which were made up by New World Order agents like Maurice Strong.

Watch Deborah’s presentation “The Plan to Burn Up Northern California” which will explain everything. She goes over emails from staff members of Pacific Gas & Electric from 2011 which talk about how the government would be using in the future satellite-based Directed Energy Weapons to…BURN UP ares in Sonoma County….!!!….


For PROOF, see also the following which contains these emails….

See also…


Watch John Coleman’s documentary on the Global warming SCAM for more. He was a scientist and the founder of the Weather Channel.

Watch also: Jesse Ventura Global Warming FRAUD Maurice Strong Carbon Dioxide Tax Cap and Trade System NWO:

These LIES are meant to teach us that humans are “evil,” they are “destroying the planet” and, therefore, we have climate change as a result which could lead to “disasterous” consequences like “melting icecaps” which could then lead to “major tsunamis” which could “drown us” all. What utter freaking….B/S, yet there are still people out there who believe LIBTARD GARBAGE like this because they are….SELLOUTS TO THIS VILE SOCIO-POLITICAL IDEOLOGY WHICH IS NOTHING MORE THAN….TREASON TO THEIR COUNTRY AND HUMANITY, IN GENERAL, BECAUSE THIS IS A…NEW WORLD ORDER PROGRAM MEANT TO DESTROY HUMANITY!

The elites created “climate change” as a pretext by which to create sinister UN-sponsored programs, with the CONSENT of the governments of member nations, which, SUPPOSEDLY, have to do with “saving the planet” when, in reality, is has to do with…CULLING THE POPULATION BY 80% OR MORE WITH FAKE “ENVIRONMENTAL” CRISIS AND “DISASTERS”!!! However, this so-called “climate change” (which to some degree and in varying ways IS HAPPENING) is NOT being done by us “bad humans” but by the very elites that secretly govern this world behind the scenes with the CONSENT of our sold-out, treasonous political leaders.

You see, climate change is really….GEO-ENGINEERING which both your or I have NOTHING TO DO WITH; this is a work brought about by covert government projects in conjunction with top universities, NASA, DAARPA, the US Defense Department which are taking their order from the sear or world government: the UN. Geo-engineering is brought about by…THEM through the implementation of evil projects like chemtrail spraying of the skies, weather modification and more, ALL OF WHICH is now ADMITTED TO by the government itself. However, what it won’t tell you is the REAL CAUSE behind these fires which also are a part of geo-engineering because, again, this goes back to “climate change” which Agendas 21 & 2030 are supposedly meant to “tackle” when , in reality, are actually designed to…SPEEP UP the destruction of man, his environment, his autonomy, etc. via these aforementioned government projects!

In other words, THEY DO THE FIRES BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TOO MANY OF US AROUND! And they especially burn up rural, mountainous regions because they DO NOT LIKE people living freely and independently in nature because this goes back to the idea of man being AUTONOMOUS and his contact with nature gives him that very sense which the government LOATHES. So thats why the elites create these fires to literally…SMOKE PEOPLE OUT of these areas so that they then can herd them, too, into the “corrals”of the big cities where they can be more manageable there by….BIG BROTHER and that’s…EXACLY what been happening in California and around the world!!!

I was just in Greece for four months and witnessed FIRST HAND the fires that took place there on the 23 of July. It was claimed that ONE, SIGNLE fire broke out in the region of Attica yet, IN REALITY, it was….FIFTEEN (15) separate fires that broke out in THREE (3) areas of Attica all of which are many miles apart! These fires were, too, the work of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) and I documented all of this and wrote the first bombshell article on this which went viral all over the Greek internet. I also went on mainstream TV in Greece and in Greek communities worldwide and revealed all of this. I personally went to see the burned areas (Mati, Nea Makri, etc) and observed all of the entirely UNNATURAL fallout from these fires, which I describe below in the case of the California fires. My revelations even reached the Greek government itself which, of course, criminally irresponsibly handled the whole situation which led to many deaths (99) and major damage in these areas of Attica.

For the article I wrote on the Greece fires, see below…

Ask yourselves now…

  • How in the world did this fire start in Southern California and then spread so fast within an hour or two to…NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (Chico, etc.)??? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!! 
  • How is it that the fires are SO FREAKING INTENSE??
  • How is is that they damage of the fires are hit-and-miss??? Whole cars on roads are torched yet the trees and brush around them are left…UNTOUCHED, ETC???

Look at the below videos on the California fires. They go over the fact that the government uses Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) to burn up whole areas to create the exact effect which I just described above. Look VERY CLOSELY at the first two videos because they will clearly demonstrate how the US Defense Department uses secret drones high in the air to launch laser beams to the ground in order to literally …MICROWAVE whole areas, the fallout of which speaks for itself (melted metal, glass and other objects which CANNOT melt under normal fire temperatures).

Google and research all of this FOR YOURSELVES and you will see that what I’m stating here has nothing to do with any “conspiracy theory” but the…TRUTH which the mainstream news media will NEVER tell you.






Another good example of all of this are the recent fires in the city of Carr, California. Watch these videos below which will leave you with ZERO DOUBT….



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