J. Kountouris on Greek intel agent Manolis Chatzisavvas, Greece and Israeli intel firm Stratfor

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-by John Kountouris | JohnKountouris.com


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This is my latest English broadcast on the latest developments in Greece.  This will also be played on the great patriot, online radio network ucy.tv (http://ucy.tv) so tune in!

Here I discuss how the Greek intelligence chief, Giannis Roubatis, is bought and paid for by foreign interests that are putting Greece’s national interests…AT RISK!  This is nothing more than treason and must be exposed by the Greek goverment and people.  There is, however, one Greek man who is putting his life at risk to expose all this and his name is Manolis Chatzisavvas, former Greek intel agent now whistleblower.

Here is the audio clip below!  Enjoy!

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