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by korinious

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Hellenic Crisis

Author: John Kountouris

This book is about the Greek economic crisis that started the end of 2009 and which continues on to this day. It also demonstrates that the origins of this crisis dates back much further in Greek history to the period of the Greek Byzantine Empire, which even back then, was going through a crisis the results of which are still being felt today by the modern Greek state which is nothing more than a minuscule of what it was during those past glory days of world domination from Alexander the Great to all throughout the Byzantine Empire.

Available ebook formats: epub

Your Academic Guide to the Greek Language, Culture and Civilization

Author: John Kountouris

This is a book intended for all those Greek lovers out there WHO THOUGHT THEY KNEW A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT THE GREEK LANGUAGE, CULTURE, HISTORY AND MORE. Well, this book is here to take you to the next level and the reasons and incentives for all this are here for the taking.

Available ebook formats: Kindle


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