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BREAKING: Alex Jones Reinstated on X! (Twitter)

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BREAKING: Alex Jones Reinstated on X!
BREAKING: Alex Jones Reinstated on X!

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

BREAKING: Alex Jones Reinstated on X!

by Ben Warren

Stay tuned for major updates!

Image Credit: infowars.com

Tech billionaire and X boss Elon Musk has restored Alex Jones’ social media account on the platform.

As of early Sunday morning, Jones’ account @RealAlexJones has been reinstated.

Alex Jones is on X right now giving his first interview since being reinstated:

“The people have spoken, and so it shall be,” said Musk responding to a poll he posted asking users if Jones should return.

Stay tuned for Alex’s first celebratory posts as this is not only a major First Amendment victory, but also a major opportunity to reach new millions who aren’t up to date on the world’s most pressing issues

Issues including America’s border invasion, COVID jab ingredients, election rigging by the Deep State, and the disastrous policy decisions that could start a new world war, to name a few.

Expect a post soon from Alex on @RealAlexJones.

In the meantime, view his last post before suspension below that poetically says “Free Alex Jones.”

Watch Alex’s recent appearance with Tucker Carlson that stirred the masses to call for his return:

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