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12-year-old Israeli girl killed by Israeli tank on October 7, according to witnesses

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IDF Armored forces at a staging area in Upper Galilee, near the northern Israeli border with Lebanon, October 11, 2023. (Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

12-year-old Israeli girl killed by Israeli tank on October 7, according to witnesses

Two survivors of the Hamas attack on Kibbutz Be’eri reported that Liel Hetzroni, her family and her neighbors died at the hands of Israeli forces. The Israeli government had tried to stir up outrage over the girl’s killing.

Published on November 28, 2023 by KD.

“This little girl’s body was so badly burned that it took forensic archaeologists more than six weeks to identify her,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on its official X account on November 24. All that remains of 12-year-old Liel Hetzroni are “ashes and bone fragments. May her memory be a blessing.”

The Grayzone points out,with reference to Electronic Intifada : Aviva Klompas, a former speechwriter for Israel’s UN mission and “one of the country’s best English-speaking propagandists on social media,”claimedonX:

“The terrorists massacred all [Hetzronis] and then set the building on fire.”

And Naftali Bennett, former Israeli prime minister, announced :

“Liel Hetzroni from Kibbutz Be’eri was murdered in her home by Hamas monsters (…) We are waging the fairest war: to ensure that something like this can never happen again.”

Liel was among the civilians killed on the spot during the Hamas attack on Kibbutz Be’eri, as were her twin brother, her great-aunt and several other residents. However, the 12-year-old was apparently not murdered by Hamas. According to recent statements from an Israeli eyewitness, the girl, along with several neighbors, was killed by Israeli tank shells.

We previously reported that the Israel Defense Forces itself is responsible for the deaths of some of its own civilians, including those from Kibbutz Be’eri . This came to light, among other things, through the statements of Israeli survivor Yasmin Porat. She had taken part in the trance festival on the Gaza border and survived the October 7 Hamas attack in Kibuz Be’eri. She told an Israeli radio station on October 15th. She emphasized that the Palestinian fighters “did not mistreat” her, but “treated her very humanely.”

The Grayzone and Electronic Intifada now point to another interview with Porat from November 15, which she gave to the radio station Kan News . In it, Porat revealed further exclusive details about the hostage-taking, which strongly contradict the official account of her government.

According to Porat, the Hamas gunmen sent hostages out of the house and called Israeli police, apparently in an attempt to negotiate their own withdrawal. This was done under the mistaken belief that they were surrounded by Israeli troops, who in reality were largely absent and in a confused state at the time.

According to Porat , when the Israeli special forces finally arrived on site, there was a “ceasefire” between Hamas and the Israeli forces. Her own kidnapper decided to surrender. To ensure his own safety, he stripped naked and used her as a human shield as he moved toward the Israeli soldiers.

After Porat was freed and her captor surrendered, she said 14 Israelis remained hostage, guarded by 39 Hamas fighters. Among those left behind were the twins Liel and Yanai Hetzroni and their great-aunt and carer Ayala Hetzroni. Porat recalled:

«I sat with the unit commander and I described to him what the house looks like, where the terrorists and where the hostages are. I even drew it for him.”

Porat also said that she had told the Israeli commander that she had heard the twins Yanai and Liel Hatzroni “somewhere near the kitchen” but had not seen them.

The soldiers did not believe that so many fighters could be in a single house, or that such a large force could have penetrated the high-tech siege walls that Israel had built around the Gaza Strip, Porat said. According to The Grayzone, she underscored the poor Israeli intelligence that made the October 7 Hamas operation possible.

According to Porat, at 4 p.m. a firefight began between the militants in the house and the Israeli special forces stationed across the street. After the Israelis failed to drive out the Hamas fighters, they called in a tank at 7:30 p.m.

The survivor described a feeling of panic as she saw the tank roll into the small community. She asked one of the security forces why they were firing tank grenades into her house. The answer was that they wanted to tear down the walls to clean the house.

According to Porat, in and in front of the house were her partner Tal, another man and the couple who owned the house, Adi and Hadas Dagan. The 12-year-old twins Liel and Yanai Hatsroni and their great-aunt were also there. When the dust cleared, only Hadas Dagan was still alive. Porat explained that Dagan later told her:

«Yasmin, when the two big bangs hit, I felt like I was flying through the air (…) It took me two to three minutes to open my eyes, I couldn’t feel my body. I was completely paralyzed. When I opened my eyes, I saw that my Adi [Dagan] was dying (…) Your valley also stopped moving at that point.”

Dagan confirmed to Porat that the tank shells killed Liel Hatsroni:

«The girl didn’t stop screaming for all those hours. She didn’t stop screaming (…), [but] when those two shells hit, [Liel] stopped screaming. Then there was silence.”

Dagan also emphasized that none of the hostages were intentionally killed by Hamas fighters. There were no executions or anything like that, at least among the people who were with her. Porat summed up:

“So what can you take from this? That after this very massive incident, the shootout that ended with two grenades, pretty much everyone died.” All the Israelis left behind, Porat said, was “a house full of corpses.”


Electronic Intifada: Israeli child “burned completely” by Israeli tank fire at kibbutz – November 25, 2023

The Grayzone: Israeli October 7 posterchild was killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal – November 25, 2023




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