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Ex-CDC chief warns of coming ‘great pandemic,’ worse than COVID

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Ex-CDC chief warns of coming ‘great pandemic,’ worse than COVID
Ex-CDC chief warns of coming ‘great pandemic,’ worse than COVID

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, addresses a briefing on the latest information about the Coronavirus Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, in the James S. Brady Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Keegan Barber)

Ex-CDC chief warns of coming ‘great pandemic,’ worse than COVID

GreekNewsOnDemand.com comments: The first SCAMdemic was FAKE and so will be the next one. Gain-of-function research is what cause the first pandemic of COVID which started NOT in Jan. 2020, but in…DEC. 2020 whereupon all the…LETHAL VACCINES were rolled out which have now been killing people, worldwide, for over two years. So, the next FAKEdemic will, also, be blamed on ANOTHER FAKE “VIRUS” (just like fake COVID which was NEVER proven to exist) and the FAKE, DEADLY “vaccines” will continue to be rolled out and MURDER PEOPLE all over the world and these deaths will be attributed to this new, novel “bird flu,” etc. WAKE THE HELL UP ALREADY, PEOPLE!!!

The former chief of America’s Centers for Disease Control says the next pandemic to hit the world will be the “great pandemic,” and it will be “brutal.” And it will come from gain-of-function research.

Breitbart reported on the comments on Hill TV’s “Rising” program from former CDC chief Dr. Robert Redfield.

“I do believe the next pandemic, and we’re going to have another pandemic and I think it’s going to be the great pandemic, I consider COVID a minor pandemic, the great pandemic’s going to come,” he said.

“And normally, it would come from spillover…bird flu that learns how to transmit to humans and then go to human-to-human. But I think the species barriers are very real. But it’s much more probable that it will happen because of gain-of-function research in a laboratory and then escape and then we’re going to have a pandemic…which will be much more brutal to the world than COVID was.”

The COVID-19 pandemic actually is blamed for the deaths of some seven million around the globe, more than one million inside the United States, and uncounted trillions of dollars in damage to America’s and other economies.

Experts now consider it likely that it came from a Wuhan, China, lab that was working on gain-of-function research projects with funding from the United States, including grants that went through the federal offices of Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s chief COVID adviser.

That research actually works on viruses to make them more contagious, more dangerous, more lethal.

Are the powers that be going to intentionally unleash the next pandemic on the public?

The idea is to then develop agents that act against those pathogens.

Redfield cited four American government agencies that were involved in funding the Wuhan work.


Ex-CDC chief warns of coming ‘great pandemic,’ worse than COVID


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