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HUGE. Former EcoHealth VP Dr. Andrew Huff Reveals EcoHealth Alliance and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Were Operating Biolabs Funded by the CIA

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HUGE. Former EcoHealth VP Dr. Andrew Huff Reveals EcoHealth Alliance and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Were Operating Biolabs Funded by the CIA
HUGE. Former EcoHealth VP Dr. Andrew Huff Reveals EcoHealth Alliance and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Were Operating Biolabs Funded by the CIA

HUGE. Former EcoHealth VP Dr. Andrew Huff Reveals EcoHealth Alliance and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Were Operating Biolabs Funded by the CIA

Dr. Andrew Huff is a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, an Army veteran, and the author of “The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History” from Simon & Schuster.  Dr. Huff reported to Dr. Peter Daszak at EcoHealth, the notorious doctor who sent funding dollars to the Wuhan research labs.

You can purchase Dr. Huff’s book here.

In September Dr. Andrew Huff sent a report on the origin of the SARS-CoV2 virus to the US Senate and Congress. Dr. Huff provided proof that the COVID virus that killed millions and resulted in mass starvation and global economic shutdown was created in a Wuhan laboratory.

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In October Dr. Huff told The Gateway Pundit that the US government is trying to cover up the origins of the COVID-19 because Dr. Fauci and the US were funding the Wuhan lab’s gain of function research that was illegal at that time in the US.

On Friday Dr. Andrew Huff explained to The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft the connections between EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. Daszak, Metabiota and the CIA.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in the week on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota ties and the company’s laboratories in Ukraine and Africa.

Dr. Andrew Huff told The Gateway Pundit that EcoHealth and Metobiota were both funded by the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel.

The CIA was funding the research in the US biolabs in Ukraine and elsewhere. Amazing!

Here is the audio.

And here is a rough transcript of the discussion.

Jim Hoft (00:01): Dr. Andrew Huff. Thanks for calling. I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week with some of this information that’s been breaking into the news about Hunter Biden and Biotech and Metabiota. And then, of course, it makes me think of you because that’s where you have your expertise and your experience. So I thought you’d be the perfect person to talk to about some of these things. But I spoke with you earlier, Doctor, and you told me about some suspicions that Peter Dassek and EcoHealth were working with the CIA. And now it sounds like we’re finding out more about that. Can you, can you explain any of these things?

Dr. Andrew Huff (00:48): Sure, absolutely. So thank you. Thanks again for thinking and giving me a call. So Dr. Peter Daszak came and asked me whether or not he should work with the Central Intelligence Agency in late 2015 after work, and he was sort of referencing the work that we’re doing in China. Someone from the CIA approached me. Do you think it’s a good idea if we work with them? They’re interested in the places that we’re working, the people we’re working with, and the data we’re collecting. And then he sort of mumbled something about China. Well, at the time, I didn’t really think much of it, and I was excited. I told him to go, Peter, it never hurts to talk to them. There could be money. Then over the next two months, he told me between meetings that the relationship with the CIA was progressing. And then I left the company shortly thereafter. Now there’s a number of interesting things, and I talk about it in my book, is that one of the partner companies that we used to work with was Metabioda. Metabiota is based out of California, and it’s a very similar type of company to Equal Alliance, but they get more into this pandemic insurance market than this.

They’re one of the pioneer companies for this and Equal Alliance. And Metabiota worked with the University of California Davis on this big program called Predict, which was funded by the United States Agency for International Development. And these companies and UC Davis were going around the planet collecting biological samples together.

Jim Hoft (02:15): Okay? And so Metabiota was just as involved in this type of research as EcoHealth. And is EcoHealth a much larger organization, a Metabiota? Because we saw some documents that showed that they weren’t really getting a lot of contracts until Hunter Biden came along in 2014. He invested some money into the group and then all of a sudden, they’re getting $23 million in contracts the next year or something. It’s just crazy.

Dr. Huff (02:49): I think where you’re going with this and the part that I didn’t get to was that one of the other interesting things that happened while I worked at Equipment Alliance is that Dr. Peter Gask and I assembled an investment presentation known as a pitch deck to submit to incitel or to be presented to inkytel. So Incitel is the CIA’s venture capital firm. What also happened simultaneously around this time is that these emails were on Hunterbite and laptop, is that Metabiota was trying to get investment from Incitel as well for the same type of work. And Metabiota actually did receive an investment from In-Q-Tel, aka CIA.

Jim Hoft (03:33): So when did you figure out that In-Q-tel was linked to the CIA? Or is that something that’s well-known?

Dr. Huff (03:44): Well, it’s public information. It’s not well known. So In-Q-Tel’s most famous investment is Google. So, Google Earth, Google Maps, that was on In-Q-Tel. Part of their investment portfolio.

Jim Hoft (03:58): Wow. And that money goes through the Department of Defense into these different projects that.

Andrew Huff: (04:04) They’re funding, I take it? Well, it goes directly from the CIA. I’m not exactly sure what the congressional funding mechanism is. Whether or not this is part of the budget that’s on the books or part of the black budget could be either, I’m not sure, but it comes primarily from the Essential Intelligence Agency or the Department of Science.

Jim Hoft (04:23): Okay. So how much of the budget was EcoHealth relying on from In-Q-Tel? Do you have any idea? Was it extensive?

Dr. Huff (04:35): So I had no clue whether or not Inkutel invested in EcoHealth Alliance because I left shortly after that presentation was given to Incitel. So our partner company, Iota, did receive money, and they’ve made public disclosures of that investment. If Eco Health Alliance did receive an investment from Incitel. It was off the books, but I haven’t seen any evidence that they did. But the interesting thing here is that here you have Ecosystems and Metabioto, which are partnered on a number of different big contracts from US. Government, both going to sell for investment…


Jim Hoft (08:05): did you have any other correspondence with Metabiota or was this something you just heard of in passing? I don’t know how close your organizations work together. If they do collaborate, they work very.

Dr. Huff (08:28): Closely with each other. So we’re actually partners on the USAID Predict program, which the funding was somewhere around the 210 to 208,000,000 range over a few years. And so through that process, the State Department, USAID Museum, davis Ecosystem Alliance and Metabiota were partners on this big project. So the organizations work very closely together. Dr. Peter Jasic was frequently communicating with Dr. Wolf at Metabiota.

Jim Hoft (09:01): Oh, wow. And is it safe to say that the US Government then was funding these laboratories not just in Ukraine, but several places around the world? Is that how this works?

Dr. Huff (09:19): Yes. And most of this research is not all bad. It’s not all nefarious. It’s some of it really doesn’t qualify as research. So the US. Government and the Department of Defense. In the Defense Threat Reduction Agency have this program to conduct global biosurveillance. What Biosurveillance means in practicality is that they’re going to send field technicians out to the environment to sample animals, wildlife in the environment, to look for infectious diseases, to try to figure out how prevalent they are. And this helps prevent the US. Military or civilian populations in the event of war or if an infectious disease outbreak happens, hopefully you can get early notification of it. The problem is that the USAID Predict Program, which was funding EcoHealth Alliance and Metabioda, is that it was really shoddy biosurveillance work. And I talk about this in the book. In my estimation, it looked like the program was more akin to intelligence collection than it was scientific research. So it’s an interesting angle here that the US. Government could have been collecting intelligence through these programs simultaneously while conducting some surveillance activities, and biosurveillances. So actually going into the wilderness and collecting samples.

Listen to the entire interview.

This is explosive information.

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