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New Peer-Reviewed Study: ’12 Million DEAD From COVID Jabs’

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New Peer-Reviewed Study: ’12 Million DEAD From COVID Jabs’
New Peer-Reviewed Study: ’12 Million DEAD From COVID Jabs’

New Peer-Reviewed Study: ’12 Million DEAD From COVID Jabs’

Fact checked

A new peer-reviewed study has revealed that at least 12 million people worldwide have died as a direct result of receiving the dangerous COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the study, over 227,000 Americans were killed by the mNRA jab in the first year after the rollout.

Since deaths from the vaccine were higher in 2022, experts estimate the all-cause mortality death toll from the COVID vaccines to be in the range of 500K to 600K. So the global cost of life from these vaccines is at least 12 million people.

Infowars.com reports: But nobody wants to talk about it because that’s the way science works. When you can’t argue with the data, you censor the speaker like the FDA and CDC did to me.

They are actively trying to get the paper retracted because it destroys the narrative. I’m certain they will succeed because journals are under intense pressure to censor any anti-narrative paper.

The problem is that Mark’s survey was entirely consistent with my surveys.

If they want to have the paper retracted they need to show us THEIR surveys. But of course, they don’t have any surveys because they are too afraid of the results.

So they will use hand-waving arguments like “I don’t like the methodology” or some nonsense like that instead of gathering their own data.

They will NEVER show us survey data that supports their narrative because it isn’t there.

That’s why there are no success anecdotes. NOBODY can give me the name of a US geriatric practice where all-cause deaths plummeted after the vaccines rolled out. In every case, they went the wrong way.

The narrative is unraveling at an accelerated pace but the medical community is still fighting the truth.


Check out this Substack article which was just brought to my attention by one of my readers:

I guess my surveys were right after all. What a surprise!

This is of course why the CDC and medical community NEVER do ANY surveys of the vaccinated. They knew they would find a disaster; that Pfizer lied in their trial.

Here’s what was reported for the Pfizer trial in the NEJM paper:

Pfizer reported that only 1.2% of participants reported serious adverse events. In reality, it is 5X that number.

Here’s what the survey showed: 13.4% of the survey respondents reported that they had severe health issues after COVID vaccination in their opinion. However, we need to discount that by a factor of two because people report less severe adverse events as adverse events.

In other words, serious adverse events post-vaccine were 5X what Pfizer told us.


This is why the FDA never does after-market surveys in the drugs it approves. Because reality hurts.

It is the FDA that should have discovered this before Mark Skidmore.

The FDA is asleep at the wheel and they just believe everything the drug companies tell them, hook, line, and sinker. This is a major miss.

Why aren’t they doing surveys like this to see if the reality matches the study?

I’ve been doing regular surveys and the results are always shocking. Nobody wants to do similar surveys for some reason.

But it gets better…

From the paper, check out the part in blue:

Yup, you read that right….

Up to 332,608 people were killed by the COVID vaccines in the first year alone!

And what benefit did they get from it? No benefit at all as noted in this article.

In short, we killed at least 217,000 Americans and seriously injured 33M Americans in just the first year, and the CDC and FDA want to give you more shots.

The second year, more people died, so the total death toll for the COVID vaccines in America alone is 500K to 600K which translates into 10M -12M deaths worldwide caused by these shots.

It’s the greatest disaster in human history and NO HEALTH AUTHORITY IN THE WORLD will debate any of my colleagues on this in a public forum. They want to silence us.

These are consistent with the numbers I’ve been saying for a long time. It’s not a coincidence.


Over 500K Americans have been killed by the COVID shot in the first two years.

As Scott Adams would say, “I guess all the anti-vaxxers were right after all. We should have listened to them instead of censoring them.”

However, in order to keep things going, they will have this new paper retracted without any evidence it was wrong and they’ll be able to keep the deception going for another 20 years.

In the meantime, surveys of people who have been vaccinated will be made illegal by world governments so nobody else can replicate this study.

And finally, this is why the FAA never investigated ANY pilot injury or fatality following the COVID vaccines. When I asked a top FAA official why there were no investigations, he said, “No comment.” What that means is that the FAA was ordered not to investigate COVID injuries by the Biden administration. That’s why none of the disabled pilots were contacted by the FAA. After all, we wouldn’t want to blow the narrative up, would we? Who cares if lives are lost and careers are ruined?

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