Greece to send Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine

by GCT

The Ukrainian press confirms the information that the Mitsotakis government will send Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine. What is not specified is the version of the tanks that will be sent: will it be Leopard-2A4 or Leopard-2ΕEL, respectively the German LEO2A6.

In any case, about 14 tanks will be sent to Ukraine, i.e. they would leave Evros, where heavy equipment was located to counter the Turkish invasion, and go to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

The Ukrainian edition in today’s publication includes Greece among the countries from which the delivery of Leopard tanks is expected. It says that the “Leopards”, which in the future will be used to repel Russian aggression, will be not only from Germany, but also from other countries. Where are they from? According to the publication, these are Poland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Finland, Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands, it is noted that officials from these countries have expressed interest in deploying Leopard along with Germany.

Deutsch WELT wrote yesterday that “Athens could solve the problem of” Leopards “noting, as we mentioned above, that “Greece has the most tanks of this type in Europe”: “No other country in Europe has such a large number of Leopard tanks as in Greece: about 350 Leopard 2s and 500 Leopard 1s. Among them are 183 older Leopard-2A4s that experts say are particularly suitable for use in Ukraine.” And he recalls that Kyiv needs “several hundred” main battle tanks to recapture the areas occupied by Russia.

It is expected that Greece will supply Ukraine with a total of 40-80 Leopard-2A4 tanks out of 181 tanks of this model, which are in service with the Greek army. And a total of 12 NATO countries will supply about 500 of the 800 tanks that the Ukrainians say they really need. The rest of the western tanks will probably be represented by the British Challenger-1 / -2, as well as the American M1A2.

For the first time since 1944, German tanks with crosses are returning to the Ukrainian plains. Then it was the Tiger and the Panther, now the Leopard…