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Christians in Beirut: We witnessed jets planes and a missile flying overhead just moments before the explosion

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Christians in Beirut: We witnessed jets planes and a missile flying overhead just moments before the explosion

The following has also been published on VeteransToday.com and we thank them!… 

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As a follow-up to VeteransToday.com‘s already excellent coverage of the recent blast in Beirut, we at GreekNewsOnDemand.com are publishing the follow eye-witness accounts of Christians who live in that area who, according to them, heard both war planes and a missile fly over there area (which is about 5 kilometers from the blast site) just seconds before the explosion.
It has now become clear to us that this was all predicted, planned and carried out by the usual suspect out of…TEL AVIV who essentially have been at war with Lebanon since 2006. Israel wants the Middle East for their OWN (OWN spelled backwards is…NWO, New World Order) according to their Oded Yinon–Greater Israel project plans. They’re “fulfilling” “biblical prophecy,” remember? Thus all the chaos in the Middle East since…1948. 
In VT’s article Pentagon/Esper: ‘Beirut May be an Attack…we made a mistake’, we now are beginning to see the Trump government collapse over attempts to cover up the truth about what REALLY happened on Beirut along with its own…INTELLIGENCE that they’ve gathered on the matter.
What follows now is an exchange between a good friend of ours from Athens with a church official from the Church of the Cross in Beirut who, along with other residents who live within close proximity of the blast site, witnessed the following…

My dear brother, I was in the church during the time of the explosion praying. The doors and windows were all closed. The number of parishioners was few, but the psalters sang loud. I first heard the sound of two small explosions after which the sound of a launching of a missile went off. It was no more than three seconds after that that the ground began to shake and the explosive storm that ensued immediately after that ripped off the doors and the windows and tossed them within the church. Shattered glass was strewn all over the floor.


My wife at home heard the sound of the jet planes and the loud sounds they made overhead• Lebanon, though, doesn’t have such war planes. The planes then abandoned the area of the church and headed for my neighborhood where my home is, which is not too far from the church. The roads were covered with shattered glass. At that very moment of the blast residents from all over the city immediately went outside terrified to see what had happened.


A huge missile had exposed nearby. According to my estimates, the explosion occurred about 5 kilometers from the church and my home.


We are all still experiencing shock over all of this and that fact that the explosion sent my already sick wife (whose situation has gotten worse) flying within our home with glass everywhere certainly didn’t help.

Here’s the original Greek text: 

Ο αγαπημένος μου αδελφός Δημήτριος, κατά τη διάρκεια της έκρηξης ήμουν στην εκκλησία προσευχόμενος τα Μπαρκλέι της Παρθένου, οι πόρτες και τα παράθυρα ήταν κλειδωμένα. Ο αριθμός των πιστών ήταν λίγοι, αλλά η φωνή των ψαλτών ήταν δυνατή. Άκουσα τον ήχο δύο μικρών εκρήξεων, μετά τις οποίες εκτοξεύτηκε ο ήχος ενός πυραύλου, και μετά από πολύ σύντομο χρονικό διάστημα, που δεν ξεπερνούσε τα τρία δευτερόλεπτα, έως ότου το έδαφος κούνησε μεγάλο και η εκρηκτική καταιγίδα έβγαλε τις πόρτες και τα παράθυρα και τα πέταξε μέσα στην εκκλησία και το γυαλί απλώθηκε σε όλη την εκκλησία, αλλά η γυναίκα μου στο σπίτι άκουσε τον ήχο των αεροπλάνων και τις δυνατές φωνές τους, και ο Λίβανος δεν τον έχει Τα πολεμικά αεροπλάνα εγκατέλειψαν την εκκλησία και κατευθύνθηκαν προς το σπίτι μου κοντά στην εκκλησία, και ο δρόμος ήταν καλυμμένος με θρυμματισμένο γυαλί και την ώρα μερικών από τους τοίχους του μπαλκονιού, και όλοι οι κάτοικοι βγήκαν από τα κτίρια στους δρόμους, ή συγκεντρώθηκαν μέσα στην είσοδο των κτιρίων και φοβόντουσαν, χωρίς να γνωρίζουν τι συνέβη, ειλικρινά, είπα εκείνη τη στιγμή. Ένας μεγάλος πύραυλος εξερράγη κοντά, γνωρίζοντας ότι η εκκλησία μου και το σπίτι μου απέχουν περίπου 5 χλμ. Από την έκρηξη, σύμφωνα με την εκτίμησή μου.
Ζούμε ακόμα υπό σοκ, η υγεία της άρρωστης γυναίκας μου έχει επιδεινωθεί πολύ και επηρεάστηκε πολύ από την έκρηξη και ήταν μόνη στο σπίτι, καθώς η έκρηξη την έριξε αρκετά μέτρα και το σπασμένο γυαλί γέμισε ολόκληρο το σπίτι.

Here are the original messages exchanged… 

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