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Why Greece could be Europe’s best holiday ticket right now

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Greece magic: This is what it’s like to visit Greece right now. Around the Peloponnese region, beaches are uncrowded and people are enjoying relaxing vacations.
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Why Greece could be Europe’s best holiday ticket right now

Barry Neild, CNN • Updated 1st August 2020

Vathia, Greece (CNN) — If you’re wondering how coronavirus has affected that Greece vacation dream of blue skies, bluer seas, bright sunshine and the most delicious al fresco salad you’ve ever tasted — it hasn’t.

Greece has worked hard to adapt its tourism offering in an age of infection. For the time being at least, this seems to be paying off, even as a second wave of infections threatens other European destinations.

Thanks in part to the fact that it’s so far seen few cases, visiting many parts of Greece right now is almost like visiting a country where Covid-19 never happened.

There are a few reassuring precautions in place, but the beautiful empty beaches, crystal clear seas and waterfront tavernas are all still serving up the 100% authentic Greek relaxation needed to cure those lockdown blues.

Not everyone can visit Greece at the moment. It has only opened its borders to travelers from European Union countries and a handful of other nations, although officials have hinted that US visitors (other than Tom Hanks) may be welcomed before summer’s out.

Visitors need to complete paperwork before departure, giving details of where they’ll be staying. On arrival, they’re subject to random testing and could, if anyone on their flight tests positive, be quarantined for 14 days…

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