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Links Between George Soros and Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ Emerge

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Links Between George Soros and Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ Emerge

Anti-Trump ‘whistleblower’ linked to Soros’ Open Society Foundation By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 20th November 2019 @ 12.00am

Newly discovered links have emerged between the suspected anti-Trump Ukraine call “whistleblower” and liberal billionaire George Soros, according to a bombshell new report. A separate report by Real Clear Investigations recently revealed the identity of the so-called “whistleblower” to be Eric Ciaramella – an anti-Trump CIA analyst and former Joe Biden employee. Now, a new report has uncovered evidence that Ciaramella received emails about Ukraine policy from a top director at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.Ciaramella was also stationed in the White House at one point and worked closely with then-Vice President Biden on Ukraine-related issues.

Reports have also revealed that Ciaramella met with Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s staff before filing his “whistleblower” complaint.Ciaramella’s complaint about Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s leader was based on second and third-hand evidence, hearsay, and office rumors – that have since been refuted with the transcript’s release – but it was still the foundation for the Democrats launching their impeachment inquiry against the president.

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