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Turks feared Russia might bomb Erdoğan’s palace in 2015, intelligence memo shows. Greek gov’t involved!

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Turks feared Russia might bomb Erdoğan’s palace in 2015, intelligence memo shows. Greek gov’t involved in the coverup!

GreekNewsOnDemand.com comments: We at GreekNewsOnDemand.com were the first to reveal the fact that the first people to become aware of Turkey’s involvement and initial…DENIAl of the downing of this Russian bomber we none other than…US CRAZY GREEKS! WHY? because the Greek government during that time was the fake-leftist SYRIZA party with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras as its head! In a nutshell, when the Turks first shot down the Russian SU-24, it was our Greek intelligence services (EYP, ΕΥΠ) who first got wind of it on their radar systems. But instead of immediately sharing this with the Russians, they reported it to the Communist Alex Tsipras who then reported it to…ANOTHER COMMIE: HIS PAL OBAMA IN WASHINGTON! Obama’s administration then told them to…BURY THIS INFORMATION and to -OBVIOUSLY!- not share it with the Kremlin! HOW’ BOUT THAT?!

We first reported on this in early 2016 (click here) and then we revisited the issue in 2017 whereupon Erdogan “kissed and made up” with Putin over the issue. This at the time (2017) was all over the international press. Click here to see both our second report on this as well as numerous Greek mainstream articles that copied us and ran with the same story.

Our initial source was a mysterious blog called “Intelaleak” which we stumbled upon while researching the issue. Click here for the article they published on this in English. After we checked with our sources in the Greek government as to the veracity of this, they verified its contents!

Authorities in Turkey were concerned that Russia might bomb the presidential palace in Ankara in 2015, to retaliate against the downing of a Russian fighter jet by the Turkish military, according to an intelligence report. On November 25 of that year, a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M attack bomber was shot down by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet over the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara claimed that the Russian aircraft had violated Turkish airspace for longer than five minutes and had failed to respond to 10 warning messages communicated by radio. By the time the Russian plane was fired upon it was nearly 1.5 miles inside Turkish airspace, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Defense. But the Kremlin claimed that the downed aircraft had been flying a mile south of the Turkish border when it was shot down.

A few hours after the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin described it as “a stab in the back by terrorist accomplices” and warned Ankara that Moscow would not tolerate such attacks on its armed forces. International observers expressed concern about a possible armed retaliation by Russia against the Turkish military. Now a formerly classified intelligence report suggests that Turkish authorities were concerned that Russia might bomb the country’s presidential palace in Ankara. The report was unearthed by the Nordic Research Monitoring Network (NRMN), a security-oriented research initiative staffed by Turkish experts who live in Europe and the United States.

The NRMN said the previously classified report was authored by Signals Intelligence Directorate of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, known as MİT. It describes an intercepted conversation that took place on December 3, 2015. The conversation involved a Syrian military officer, who was believed to be a brigadier general in the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The officer, identified in the document only as Adnan, was reportedly speaking with an unnamed Russian general, identified only as Sergei, and another unidentified senior officer in the Syrian armed forces. The discussion concerned an upcoming meeting between Syrian and Russian military officials at the Hmeimim Airbase, a Russian-operated military installation on the outskirts of Latakia.

The purpose of the meeting was for the Russian forces to officially notify the Syrians that their warplanes would be carrying a heavier payload in the future, and to explain why. At one point in the conversation the Russian general told the Syrians that part of the heavier payload would consist of “barrel bombs [that] will go to Erdoğan’s palace”. The MİT interpreted that to mean the Turkish Presidential Complex, which is located inside the Atatürk Forest Farm in the Beştepe neighborhood of Ankara. The ensuing intelligence report contains handwritten notes indicating that the information contained in it was communicated to the leadership of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish General Staff.

At the end no attack took place. In June of the following year President Erdoğan sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, in which he expressed his condolences for the family of the Russian pilots who were killed when their aircraft was shot down. Following the July 2016 coup, the two Turkish pilots who had shot down the Russian aircraft were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the attempt to topple Erdoğan. This, in association with the Turkish president’s letter of sympathy, were seen by Moscow as goodwill gestures from Ankara. Relations between the two countries were eventually restored.

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