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SAA advance on Idlib continues

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SAA advance on Idlib continues

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor – August 29, 2019

…from Southfront

[ Editor’s Note: After days of clearing operations after capturing the Khan Shaykhun area and enduring early jihadi counter attacks on its eastern flank, the SAA finally continued its advance to liberate all of Idlib by easing pressure on its right flank.

Its strategy seems to be a continuance of the last advance, making offense probes to stimulate Idlib’s Jihadi command into rushing reinforcements to defend the new advance, where those assets can be destroyed from the air.

Additionally, the joint Syrian-Russian command is hunting and destroying all jihadi targets wherever they can be found to weaken their ability for defense and offense.

Today we had a Syrian drone spotting an armor convoy in Idlib City preparing to begin its journey to the southern front line. By the time it had reached the city outskirts, the air attack on it began with large ordinance bombs, as you will see in the video.

I can assure you, this will have a negative impact on the morale for all future jihadis being ordered to move to the front. They can try to use night cover, but it is actually safer for the drones to fly at night, and the jihadis can be bombed just as easily by night. You will note that no cluster munitions are being used in these attacks.

The Russian base will have two planes at least bombed up on the runway, ready to take off on a drone-spotted mission; plus the distance is not far for targets in Idlib.

This air campaign ability pumps up the moral of the SAA, as they know the enemy is going to be getting a pounding whether it is stationary or even worse, when it is on the roads. This forces any counter moves to be made in smaller units, but which are less effective when attacking.

Where the jihadis do have strong defenses, those areas can be flanked, as happened with Khan Shaykhun. That said, the SAA will want to push hard to try to retake Idlib before winter sets in, which is both cold and wet for that region, miserable for ground combat fighting.

We will be watching the delicate dual between the Russians and Erdogan while all this proceeds, as we saw Erdogan this week in Moscow looking at some of the new Russian fighters for sale.

He is hosting the next Syrian de-escalation meeting with Iran and Russia mid-September; and I am sure Damascus wants to have gained all the ground that it can before then. Nothing beats sitting at a negotiating table when you are winning… Jim W. Dean ]

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SAA gains ground on east flank attack

– First published … August 29, 2019 –

Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed on August 29 a militants convoy that was moving in the outskirt of Idlib’s city center.

Muraselon, a pro-government outlet, reported that the convoy, which consisted of 6 armored vehicles and battle tanks, was passing through the industrial area when it was detected by a drone of the Tiger Forces. A military source told the outlet that the information was shared with the Russian Aerospace Forces, which acted right away.

“The drone had been loitering over the skies of Idlib city on a deep reconnaissance mission when it spotted the jihadist armored column … Once the target was confirmed, on-station Russian warplanes pounced on the target,” the outlet’s report reads.

Opposition sources, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) own news network, Iba’a, confirmed that Russian warplanes conducted more than 15 airstrikes on the outskirt of Idlib’s city center. Some sources released videos showing some of the airstrikes.

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