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China Moon mission lands Chang’e-4 spacecraft on far side | #FakeNews #FlatEarth

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The robotic space mission is the first landing on the side of the Moon that never faces Earth.

GreekNewsOnDemand.com comments: Just look at the video from China’s last “moon mission” and you’ll realize just how…FAKE THIS ALL IS!!! THEY ARE SHOWING YOU A…CARTOON!! See first this video from 2013 and then the following which proves that the Moon is a…TRANSLUCENT BODY OF LIGHT and it NOT a “planet” type of body which anyone or thing can land on!!!

China says it has successfully landed a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, the first ever such attempt and landing.

At 10:26 Beijing time (02:26 GMT), the un-crewed Chang’e-4 probe touched down in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, state media said.

It is carrying instruments to analyse the unexplored region’s geology, as well to conduct biological experiments.

The landing is being seen as a major milestone in space exploration.

There have been numerous missions to the Moon in recent years, but the vast majority have been to orbit, fly by or impact. The last crewed landing was Apollo 17 in 1972.

Why China has its eye on the stars

Read the full article HERE >> https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46724727

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