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Donald Trump’s PizzaGate Silence Is Becoming Unacceptable!

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Our comments from GNOD: Um…DON’T BET ON IT. Trump’s name was found on J. Epstein’s little black was that was provided to us by Epstein’s former butler who, oddly enough, died in prison just months BEFORE Trump announcing he’s run for Prez. The butler had a lot more DAMING EVIDENCE that implicated…TRUMP….

-by David Seaman

Why is Donald Trump, with electoral win locked in and his incoming presidential power legally confirmed, still SILENT on PizzaGate? PizzaGate is real. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, is a middle-aged pedophile from an elite Washington DC lobbying family, and he is deeply interested in Satanic occult rituals, gets personal invites to them. This is real: go to wikileaks.org, search for “pizza” in the John Podesta email archives, or “Moloch” in the Hillary Clinton email archives. Sorry, but it’s the truth :(



Sorry, as a normal adult, this is NOT how normal adults think or talk. “Bring your kids if you want,” is a bit different from BRING ALL AVAILABLE CHILDREN. John Podesta is a pedophile.

In more than 10 years of operation, Wikileaks has not published a single fake or hoax email. John Podesta has not denied, nor has he disputed, that these are his emails and that this is a code language. He is a pedophile.

I’m tired of being attacked for doing my job as a journalist and researcher, with thoroughly vetted former United States Government sources. My track record is superb. Fuck you, John Podesta. Our definitions of a pizza party differ greatly. May he get a fair swift trial, then burn in Hell for eternity. It’s the least society can do for him.


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