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Proof of Election Fraud Exists, has been “classified” for “national security reasons” and we all are royally “screwed”

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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Speaker Paul Ryan may well be President Paul Ryan in January.

Negotiations are ongoing to find a way to allow Trump and Pence to withdraw, to resign even before taking office. There is nothing in American law, not the constitution nor any of the laws of succession.

What is known is this:

  • There was massive electronic vote hacking, using programs which erased themselves, exactly as predicted on InfoWars. All this was done to give Trump key states.
  • There is no statistical possibility a candidate can lose the popular vote by over 2m and win an election.
    There is now hard evidence of massive absentee voter fraud, Wisconsin and other states, showing a massive criminal conspiracy behind the Trump candidacy.
  • President Obama, as is always the case, is betraying the American people by remaining silent and “doing what is right,” which for him always means “what he is told.”
  • This is not a political game. There is no way out of this for America. There was no election, it was totally rigged, not just the normal stuff, illegal emptying of voter rolls based on “faulty software” and the usual ballot box stuffing.

This time the Trump camp met in advance with foreign intelligence services, made promises and, frankly, some of what they promised we are in total agreement with. It is the domestic issues, the huge giveaways to the rich and the upcoming “pump and dump” crash that is timed for when it is deemed there is nothing left to lose, just like was done with Bush, America can’t economically survive another one of these.

Borrowing another $10T to pump into the Rothschild banking system is not an option.

Everyone “in the know” is aware of all of this and nobody is talking. Trump is now in a position where he is “owned.” None of us know who he really is. This can’t be personal anymore and what I am writing is only for select readership.

Is Obama right? Will the truth now destroy the US and endanger national security, even threaten America with nuclear war? This is the kind of advice our National Security Council is giving Obama, what his advisors are telling him.

Nobody is really capable of running these scenarios. We are in entirely new territory here.

What we do know is that there won’t be a real president in January, no matter who says they are taking power. This is another coup, and the US has had many. Was this planned?

Look to where Trump is reaching for support, his cabinet nominees, all sad and incompetent petty thieves, worn out hacks and Washington “left-overs.” Take a look at a recent photo of Rudy or look at Bannon’s CV. Oh god, is it all meant to be a joke?

You didn’t think this election was ever intended to be real did you?


Disclosure: Constitutional Crisis, Trump/Pence Pressured to Withdraw (updated)


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