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WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL: Trump Was A Tool Used By The Hillary Campaign From Day One!

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-by John Koutouris | Los Angeles, 09 Nov. 2016, 12:20pm | JohnKountouris.com


For all those “patriots” out there who voted for Donald Tramp…who gave their unchecked support for a guy who made his money with the help of the JEWISH MAFIA and the ITALIAN MOB (click here, here and here)….who wanted to have their cake and eat it, too,….YOU HAVE BEEN ONCE AGAIN…FOOLED!  YOU JUST DON’T LEARN YOUR LESSON, DO YOU?!

To all the PSEUTO “9/11 Truthers” out there whether they support Alex Jones or not…who also, too, fell for all this election B/S giving Trump the “benefit of the doubt” that, this time, we have a “real” candidate who is “Anti-NWO”, etc….who heard ALL the evidence against Trump that he, too, is a pawn of the Zionist Jews and BLEW IT ALL OFF…YOU ARE ALL GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON BECAUSE YOU KNEW DAMN WELL THAT WHOEVER GETS IN AS THE NEW PRESIDENT IS GOING  TO SERVE THE JEWS AND THE ILLUMINATI AND YOU ALL WILLING WENT ALONG WITH THIS DECEPTION!!!

Now, you will be judged depending on your level of knowledge of the facts concerning Trump’s deceptive New World Order candidacy meant to bring in…THE BEAST….


I DID NOT GO AND VOTE…it’s all BULLSHIT and FIXED since the inception of this country.  What didn’t we get when Wikileaks just released on Oct. 20 bomshell info on how there are NO ELECTIONS IN THE US, JUST A POWER CONSOLIDATION! DID YOU HEAR THAT ONE FROM THE “CONSERVATIVE” MEDIA??? OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE IT EXPOSES THAT FACT THAT YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT, FOOLISH AMERICAN!!! Read my article “WikiLeaks Bombshell: ‘There Is No US Election’” (click here).

As for the that SELL-OUT, Alex Jones, who went against his own stance on political parties, saying for years that they are ALL CORRUPT along with the system, and who decided to BETRAY his long-held beliefs by supporting the FRAUD Trump in order to…BOOST his own ratings, HE WILL BE JUDGED, TOO, BY GOD FOR HIS TREASON TO THE 9/11 TRUTH/ANTI-NWO MOVEMENT–JUST WAIT AND SEE….

READ THE VETERANSTODAY.COM ARTICLE “Is Alex Jones Covering for Trump’s Jewish Mob Ties? Israeli Press Says “YES,” Sort of…” TO UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON HERE WITH JONES…

Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter…

According to RedState.com, we read the shocking evidence that implicates Trump in a plot, along with Hillary Clinton, to enter the presidential race.  WikiLeaks has done it again.  THEY releases this leak a few weeks ago and neither Alex Jones nor any other big name “conservative” press outlet ran with this story. So we read the following from RedState:

If you were wondering if a Trump candidacy was any worry to Clinton, then wonder no more.

The hacked emails (click here) released by Wikileaks shows an interesting tidbit about how the Democrats looked at the idea of a Trump candidacy, and you can safely see that of all the candidates Hillary actively wanted to face, Trump was on the list.

Calling them the “pied piper” candidates, team Hillary describes Trump, Cruz, and Carson as nominees that could – if handled properly – make the extreme the mainstream.

“We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously,” it said in the email.


The summary is that the DNC and the Clinton campaign wanted Trump to be Hillary’s opponent because they knew his extreme stances could be used to alienate and divide. They could then use these candidates to paint the Republican party as a whole as something dangerous.

Trump was a tool for Hillary’s campaign all along. She wanted the press to take Trump seriously, put him up as the most viable option for Republicans, and the right took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Now with the Trump campaign burning to the ground, and GOP leaders walking away due to his recent comments, the Clinton campaign’s plan to put Hillary on top is coming to fruition.

In short, the Republicans have been played. Trump was a unknowing puppet for Hillary from the get-go, and the right – though some had very strong suspicions – didn’t know it.

The date of this memo says April 07 2015; Trump did not announce his candidacy until 2 months later.

What also of utmost importance to note here is how both Trump and H.Clinton went, recently, TOGETHER to a major roast of the…JESUIT CATHOLIC PRIESTS. DID YOU HEAR THAT FROM JONES OR OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS??? Of course you DID, but did “Anti-NWO heroes” like Jones tell you what was…REALLY going on there???  OF COURSE NOT!  And that coming from a guy who for years has spoken about how the Jesuits play a major role in the New World Order!


When Trump and Clinton went there, they did so in order to receive their…MARCHING ORDERS from the…BLACK POPE of the Jesuits.  Note, too, that the Jesuits have been from day 1…CRYPTO-JEWS who INFILTRATED CHRISTIANITY IN ORDER TO CORRUPT IT FOR THEIR PLANS.

Both Donald Trump and Time Kaine are graduates from….JESUIT SCHOOLS, SHEEPLE!

In conclusion: Donald Trump and Bill Clinton both talked on the phone in May of 2015 and then a few weeks later, “oddly enough,” Trump decides to run for…PRESIDENT. And now we have WikiLeaks to VERIFY that Trump’s candidacy was, INDEED, FIXED from DAY 1 by the CLINTON CAMPAIGN. So the evidence cleary shows a…CONSPIRACY HERE on the part of TRUMP, CLINTON, the JEWS and the…JESUITS!

See now the following video and…REPENT for your self-deception!!!…



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