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Greek Intelligence: Kurdish military leader Abdulsettar El-Cadirî DEAD!

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-By John Kountouris | JohnKountouris.com | 24 Aug 2016, 11:19am | Los Angeles, CA

According to GreekNewsOnDemand.com sources from deep within Greek intel services, Kurdish military leader Abdulsettar El-Cadirî Commander of the Jarbulus military forces, who was a staunch supporter of Bashar al Assad, was assassianted on the 22nd of the month (22 Aug. 2016), on the Sheikhler front near the boarder between Syria and Turkey. The attack on El-Cadirî was carried out on none other than the…TURKISH MIT!

Apparently, according the righteous elements within the Greek intelligence services, both the Turkish MIT know very well what happened with El-Cadirî as well as…GREEK INTELLIGENCE SERVICES because, according the good guys within Greek intel, their boss, Greek intel chief Giannis Roubatis, has just formed and alliance with the….MIT!!!  But don’t be surprised because this gentleman, Roubatis, for years has been selling out the Greek people and in Jan. of 2015 he was appointed as the new intel chief for the ΕΥΠ (that’s Greek for the National Intelligence Services of Greece).  He was appointed by the Communist TRAITOR Alexis Tsipras, the present Greek Prime Minister who has sold Greece out to all of its enemies both from Europe (the Troika, Merkel and Germany, etc) and from Turkey by, for example, allowing the Turks to patrol the Agean Sea with NATO, etc.

By Roubatis himself has a long history of treason.  He was a media company called “EurActiv” which is funded by Turkish investors from the company TUISAD.  So this above-mentioned news should not come as a surprise. It has also been discoved that Roubatis is also taking money from…GEORGE SOROS and his Open Foundation NGO!  Also, at the outset of his stint as Greek intel Greek, Mr. Roubatis made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that he did NOT want any Greek intel activity in…TURKEY.  NOW HOW ABOUT THAT!  He also recalled Greek intel agents from Turkey as well as other key regions of the world that were CRITICAL for the interests of the Greek state!

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NOW…according to the latest updates on this story, the Turkish MIT agents who participated in the murder-assassination of El-Cadirî have been CAUGHT and are now under interrogation!  Stay tuned for more details on this!…

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Our source is the legendary former Greek intel agent  Manolis Chatzisavas (Μανώλης Χατζησάββας), who is a very, vet key asset in not only what goes on in Greece and Turkey, but also between what goes on in…SYRIA!  Not only has he been there on intelligence missions, but his deep contacts with Syria and Turkey recently revealed to him the…REAL culprits behind the serin gas attacks on the Syrian people several years back–and it wasn’t Assad as we all know!

Chatzisavas is a key player in Greek intelligence and politics that holds the keys to unlocking MANY of the political scandals in Greece.  He has been pursecuted for doing so and is now awaiting a decision by the Greek Supreme Court on his his.  It’s a long story…

Now with regards to the Syrian gas issue…

In a nut shell, apparently, it was company BRITAM based in England’s Marvic House, Bishop’s Road, London, SW6 7AD, United Kingdom with a branch in Dubai Block # 2B Al Sufouh Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates and elsewhere run by former, retired SAS’s leaders with many customers in the Middle East, Arab and American interests, that was INVOLED IN THE GAS ATTACKS IN SYRIA!

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We have passport photos of agents of this company but, most importanlty, we have an email with some VERY INTERESTING content, to say the least.  Read my article I wrote on this in conjunction with Mr. Chatzisavas.  Ignore the Greek and just go over the email and notice the THEME of the email. Notice also the references to…  Chemical Weapons and Gas Shell. Go over the passports photos of the BRITAM agents and see also the relavant clip from Youtube.

Click the following link for this article in English:


We also published it in Greek:


Last, BRITAM, which, again, according to the evidence we have so far, is involved in this whole Syrian crisis, is also in cahoots with the Israeli intel firm…STRATFOR in the collection of intel related to military and political interests which is then used as content in the drafting of reports for the US government and elsewhere. Also, Greek intel chief, Giannis Roubatis is ALSO in cahoots with STRATFOR because both he and the intel firm have signed an…AGREEMENT where they would both exchange info with eachother.  So this means that the Greek inte chief will be–and is already–sharing sensitive information about Greece…TO A FOREIGN FIRM CONNECTED WITH ISRAEL AND WITH THIS SINISTER FIRM BRITAM!  All of this is recorded in the agreement that was drated between STRATFOR και EurActiv, Roubatis’ previously-mentioned media firm.

-John Kountouris




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