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A good amount of E-mail and even some old fashioned ‘Snail-mail’ flows into the inboxes of TomatoBubble.com & The Anti-New York Times. We don’t always have a chance to respond, but we do read and reflect upon every single incoming message. In addition to the fan mail (and vicious hate mail — which we also enjoy!) interesting items pertaining to news and history also come in. Much of it is news to us and greatly appreciated. But there is also no lack of hoaxes and falsely attributed quotes floating around the alternative news community.

One day, a reader called our attention to a sentence which he claimed appeared in the New York Slimes back in 1914. It was said to be from an obituary for a prominent, make that extremely prominent, Zionist leader named David Wolfsohn (sometimes spelled Wolffsohn). The brief write-up closed with this stunning statement of admission:

“… he (David Wolfsohn) pleaded for greater unity among the Jews and said that eventually they must conquer the world.” (emphasis added)

Though such a sentiment would not be surprising, the idea that the Slimes would publish such a claim did not seem credible. This was not going to be shared with our readers until we could verify it 100%. So, Sugar the Cat, my trusted feline sidekick with a nose for research, was dispatched into The Times Machine Archive (a service that is paid for each month due to the donations of readers). Lo and behold — look what the cat sniffed out and brought back from page 9 of the September 17, 1914 issue:


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Wolfsohn’s death occured just weeks after the start of World War I – a tragic conflict which would end up witnessing the Rothschild-British takeover of Palestine from conquered Turkey (a German ally) and the eventual betrayal of the independence-seeking Arabs who helped the British to defeat the Turks.

It is interesting to note that in the very same issue of the Slimes; propaganda cheap shots, aimed at Turkey (often referred to as “the sick man of Europe”), were already being launched. The Zionists already had it in mind to eventually drag the U.S. into the war so that the struggling British could still win the war and then steal Palestine for the Zionists. (See ‘Balfour Declaration’)

Thank you to The Slimes for letting this bit of “conspiracy theory” about Mr. Wolfsohn and his greasy gang leak out to the public – albeit inadvertently. Ya’ll be sure to spread this page around, OK? ;)

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Patient little schemers aren’t they? Zionist Delegation of long-term schemers photographed in Turkish ruled – Arab populated Jerusalem, 1898. From left to right: Joseph Seidener, Moses T. Schnirer, Theodor Herzl, David Wolfsohn, Max Bodenheimer




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