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Yet Again, Israel Denies the Armenian Genocide

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– by Haaretz.com

Israel is one of the only democratic countries in the world, if not the only one, to do so, and to support Turkey’s stubborn policy of denial.  Read more: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.728904


My comments:

Now the REAL reason why the Jews –either in Israel or in the US– do NOT want to recognize either the Armenian or the…GREEK genocides is because once these true genocides are, indeed, recongnized on a global scale, their whole little house of cards regarding their own “holocaust” will begin to….CRUMBLE…

Jews hold a monopoly in “genocides.”  It is “antisemitic” to even DARE mention that…OTHER HOLOCAUSTS took place because, simply it, it has ONLY been…JEWS who have suffered since the dawn of time.  DOES ANYONE SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS???

NOW…here’s the….REAL reason why Jews DO NOT want the Armenian and Greek genocides to be exposed!…

For example, Jews fight took and nail in the US Congress to make sure that these above-mentioned genocides will NEVER be recognized by the US Government.  Why is that? Well they don’t want this to happen for the simple reason that it was….are you ready for this???….it was….JEWS WHO DID THEM, THAT’S WHY!!!

Yes you heard that corectly, it was JEWS, CRYPRO-JEWS who butchered and slaughtered Greeks and Armenians from the turn of the Century on and once people find out the TRUTH about all this,…ALL HELL WILL BRAKE LOOSE AGAINST THE JEWS IN THIS COUNTRY AND AROUND THE WORLD.  It’s just that simple…

For those who would like proof about the Jewish “Holocaust” SHAM itself, just ready Caroy Yeager’s work on the subject, especially her work on the #1 Holocaust propagandist who just passed away,  Elie Wiesel, who was nothing but a FRAUD, LIAR and SCAM ARTIST.

See below the link for that:


Also, get my book HELLENIC CRISIS on the Greek Crisis, where I go over modern Greek history and demonstrate clearly, with ample proof, that the…REAL CULPRITS behind the Greek and Armenian genocides were the Crypto-Jews the…YOUNG TURKS!

See link here:


Oh still not convinced, eh?  Well take a look at this following video where we have an admission from the “Turk” Kemal Attaturk himself about his true heritage.  So, as you watch this amazing video, don’t forget to…HAVAH NAGILA HAVAH right along with it! ;)






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