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The early days: Trying to make sense of the lingering confusion of 9/11

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The early days

Trying to make sense of
the lingering confusion of 9/11


By John Kaminski
[email protected]

I took notice last week of the passing of Rosalee Grable, the inimitable Webfairy, who championed the no-planes movement among skeptical disbelievers of the official story of 9/11. Today, these researchers have coalesced from myriad starting points and evolved into the most perceptive observers of a contemporary scene that wreaks of perverted corruption, malicious misrepresentation and compulsive violence everywhere you turn.

Wrecking the American family structure as the Jews have accomplished has resulted in a world in which no one can be trusted because they are straightjacketed by their own beliefs, which mostly have been given to us by people acting not in our best interest. Among these shackles are increasingly aggressive government rules that severely limit our right to remember that, as free human beings, we still own ourselves and are free, never needing to be free because of some law that tells us we can be free if we adhere to certain obnoxious stipulations.

Now, in the course of our rapidly accelerating evolution, relying on the good advice of Thomas Jefferson, we may choose not to follow unjust rules and criminal laws, not to mention the insane hallucinations of demagogues, Jewish or otherwise.

So many people are missing the courage of their own convictions. As a result we wind up accepting and in some cases approving of our own totalitarian regimentation. Jewish infiltration of liberal groups is a prime example of this eagerness to tolerate diseased ideas polluted by deceptive ideals.

As always, kids are lured away by technopop attractions calculated to remove them from the conscious world, and parents are powerless to comprehend how rapidly the picture before them is changing into something they can no longer recognize.

When George W. Bush stood amid that pyroclastic pile of rubble at the World Trade Center and falsely boasted he would capture the terrorists, the American public went into a state of stupefied, terrified silence. Incredibly, many Americans are still paralyzed by this nauseating demonstration of brazen psychotic bravado.

Almost immediately an intelligentsia formed, led by Mike Ruppert, the pugnacious ex-cop from L.A., who blew the whistle on the ‘put’ options that millions for some mysterious men who knew a titanic disaster was about to unfold, and there was much money to be made with the right bet on coming events. This technique reappeared a few years later when some Wall Street psychos bet on a predicted disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and made millions.

Ruppert could well have been the all-time champion of the 9/11 skeptics movement had he not almost immediately declaimed on Dec. 27, 2001 that Israel had nothing to do with these catastrophic events. One wonders if his memory of trying to deflect assorted 9/11 skeptics into a panic about Peak Oil and ruining a couple of crucial conferences in San Francisco and Toronto might have had something to do with his own tortured thinking a few years later when he put a bullet in his brain (although the methane end-of-the-worlders have tried to claim him as a martyr of their own particular disaster scenario, to be discussed in my next story).

I remember the first and probably most important radio show I ever did, probably around 2004, on WLS in Cincinnati, with Bill Boshears. The signal of this station reached 38 states. Nobody was talking about 9/11, and the story of incompetent Muslim pilots was just beginning to strike some people as preposterous.

I’d finally hit the Internet with one of the first skeptical stories, “9/11 was hoax” and was preparing a booklet, “The Day America Died”, which today is out of print and pretty tame compared to the horrific details of Jewish perfidy I’ve discovered since.

So as I sketched my skepticism as well as I could (and Bill kind of treated me like some kind of encyclopedia salesman trying to describe an animal that didn’t really exist), who should the first caller be?

None other than the Webfairy, injecting into this controversial argument over the airwaves the utterly mindblowing (in 2003) idea that NO PLANES HIT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.

I know it seems pretty tame now because you’ve heard it discussed so long and so often, but then, when the whole country had been cowed into frightened silence due to the magnitude of the event, it was big. It was impossible. And now, when you look at the movie on September Clues, there in no longer any question as to the unreality of these so-called planes. These pictures do tell a story. A thin aluminum plane can’t disappear into a steel lattice like a knife into butter.

Besides, we know by now that talking about what hit the Twin Towers is just a diversion to throw us off the scent of the ubiquitous source of all our danger and discontentment. The criminals who organized 9/11 still have their malicious hands on every avenue of our lives, misdirecting traffic for fun and profit.

No, the real 9/11 issue has been condensed down to World Trade Center 7 fell to the ground as if by magic. No planes hit it. The fires were puny. Why did the building fall? And why did the 9/11 commission, in its superficial report, fail to even mention it?

Who could have made Building 7 fall could also have made nobody talk about it!

And that is exactly where we are today, when anybody who still believes the official government story is committing an act of treason and probably drawing a lucrative government check as well.

Each new lie that hurtles outward from the anus of our government buries our children deep in the excrement of artificial reality, which enriches the wealthy and makes the death of the poor people of the world that much more agonizing.

What kind of country do we have when the government lies about the biggest event in its own history and uses it as an excuse to rape the world. Is this the kind of person you are? Is this what you approve of as you vote?

Millions of people have been murdered since the government told us about what happened on 9/11, murdered because of that very story the government told about 9/11.

Since that time a bloody string of government-choreographed teleplays — some involving corpses, some not — has aimed to convince a dubious populace the government will protect everyone as long as we do what it says, even as it kills us regularly while attempting to prove its bogus point.

What do we do when we know something is false but the talking heads on the TV say it is real, and the government says we better believe the story or it will put us in jail?

All the candlelight services for gay men supposedly murdered in Orlando shows, at last, indicate full acceptance of the LGBT community into the American melting pot.

The event could well mark the end of the traditional American family, as the inclusion into the mainstream for the alternative gender coalition means those who are incensed by the curriculum of homo sex-ed for first graders run the risk of loss of government grants and even long prison terms for objecting to what has been bestowed upon us by the Jewish trendshapers and their new set of sexual preferences, which appear to be numberless.

What this impact will be over time is the continuing deterioration of the family structure, and the dominance of alienated individuals with no family ties, strengthening the subliminal hold on disconnected individuals by a “benefactor” government. Can you say FEMA camp?

The world as it is presented to us and is perceived by us is not necessarily the world we would like to see. But we may not decide that it does not exist.

The line on the big graph is trending steadily downward. The big question remains. Are these merely inconvenient days foreshadowing disasters that are as yet unimaginable? These better be the early days, because if they’re the late days, we are all as good as gone.

Generations subsequent to my own appear to have mostly swallowed the government fairy tales that turns its homicidal mania into heroic fairy tales, and the effect seems to be the same as the mercury in vaccines which robs so many children of their souls.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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