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Facebook SUPPORTS ISIS supports and…CENSORS those who EXPOSE them!

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6/2/16, 2:11:23 PM

–by Syrian journalist/activist, Afraa Dagher

The following article is by well-know and BRAVE Syrian Journalist and Political Activist Afraa Dagher who gives us the BEST on-the-ground coverage about what’s…REALLY going on in Syria and just WHO is behind this crisis…

As of today I am blocked YET AGAIN by Facebook and their anti–anti–ISIS policies! I will be blocked for seven days so for those trying to reach me, I am sorry but I cannot send you any type of message via Facebook. Please communicate with my friend, John Kountouris, and he can pass on any message to me as you wish.

So let me explain to all a little how and WHY Facebook censors people who touch on the ISIS issue and who dare to report the attrocities taking place there…
It seems that the moderate terrorists are reporting everywhere our pages on Facebook in the most sneakiest of ways in order to silence our voices about the truth about ISIS. Zionist controlled Facebook responds to these terrorist allies of them at once with the result of banning us from posting the pictures of our martyrs and our wounded claiming it is “violent” contnet and that it is against fb’s community standards.

However, the truth is is that we have been exposing the crimes of the West and the Arab gulf-backed suicide bombers and moderate terrorists. Apparenty the crimes of the moderate terrorists have done ZERO to violate fb standards, we are talking about crimes claming the lives of the innocent Syrian people by moderate terrorists. I guess we live in a world where double standards are only allowed for these kind of people!

I retiterate: according to fb policies, reporting the truth about what REALLY goes on in Syria by posting pictures of innocent victims (women and children) is deemd “violent content” and is, therefore, CENSORED!

And all those devious opposition rebels are HIRED by FACECROOK to REPORT our pages to fb’s CENSORSHIP DEPARTMENT! THIS IS A FACT and has happened to MANY MANY other supporters of the Assad government who EXPOSE ISIS and it’s REAL players and supporters. These people live in another continent serve the criminals in fb for this very purpose!

Also, here is my latest update Syria update on what’s REALLY going on in Syria:

Today Thursday 2 June 2016…

Lattakia, Syria…

A motorcycle bomb, exploded on the entrance of a popular suburb called Da’tour close to a mosque there!

This bombing claimed the lives of two persons and left some people wounded.

At the same time, moderate missiles were launched on the village AlQerdaha and killed one woman. This series of bombings started in Jableh and Tartous before Lattakia.

See also our other articles on Afraa…

Massacre in Zara, Syria by “moderate” US funded rebels

Massacre in Zara, Syria by “moderate” US funded rebels




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