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Massacre in Zara, Syria by “moderate” US funded rebels

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According to Syrian journalist/political activist Afraa Dagher as well as many top media outlets such as RT, a massacre is underway in a small village in Syria called Zara.

We want to thank Afraa for conveying this critical information to us about the latest, tragic developments in Syrian due to the US/Israeli/Saudi/Quatarian support for ISIS and all those other concommitent terrorsit groups operating in Syrian in order to overthrow the Assad government for the implementation of the…GREATER ISRAEL PLANS! EXPOSE ALL OF THIS AND SUPPORT ASSAD AND THE SYRIAN PEOPLE!

The Syrian people are being slaughtered by cold-blooded mercenaries, the Free Syrian Army, Ahrar Al Sham, Ahlo AL Sonna, Jaish Al Esalm and other factions affiliated with the Al Nusra front. Moreover, they are the same group which, recently, called “ISIS”, “ISIS,” something which didn’t come from another planet or was even reproduced by some kind of chemical fusion. However, the US, UK and France have prevented a Russian proposal to designate those groups as Ahrar Al Sham terrorist groups!

The result of this was a new massacre in Syria on May 12, 2016 by those so-called “moderate” groups which committed war crimes against civilians in a countryside located in the southern of Hama, called Zara. They killed full families and kidnapped many women and children and even elderly people! Note: this site in Zara was included in the announced ceasefire areas!

See out video below:

Massacre in Zara, Syria by “moderate” US funded rebels


–John Kountouris

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