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Masons “protecting” the ones you love…

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by Matthew Wilson

I was handed this today. Masons wanting to take my daughters DNA, fingerprints, hair samples; all for her ‘protection’ and ease of access for the police in case of emergency. But don’t worry, they don’t keep any of the information on file, they give it all to you, and for free! Yes you read it correctly, Mason C. H. I. P. Why does the masonic Lodge want people chipped and all of their DNA willingly handed to them for our supposed benefit? You be the judge. I’m not saying there’s an agenda here, but it sounds like there’s an agenda here. Unbelievable.

Please share the crap out of this if you guys feel led to.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153523461863344&set=a.10151050781853344.415563.698548343&type=3&theater

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