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Afraa Dagher: Israeli-made rocket-launchers CONFISCATED in…SYRIA!!!

by John Kountouris
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Afraa Dagher: Israeli-made rockets–launchers CONFISCATED in…SYRIA!!!

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For those who don’t know yet of Afraa and her great politial-activist work in her home-country, Syria, please see my interview with here.  Click here.

The following video contains and one of Afraa’s latest updates on Syria with very revealing information on the situation in Syria!  In this update she states the following shocking revelation:

“I mentioned the rocket launchers made in Israel and sent to the terrorists in Syria. Thank God it was seized by our great army.” – Afraa

All this does is CONFIRM Israel’s main role in the activites of ISIS along with the USA, SA and Turkey!  We have Afraa to thank for this critical info because she lives in Syria and get’s first-hand info on the ground there!

Also, she explains here in this update that Saudia Arabia, under the pretext of “dealing” with ISIS, is about to, actually, INVADE SYRIA!  This is one big RUSE and we need to expose this!

Click the link below to see her speak…

I wish you a happy Valentine' Day….

Posted by Afraa Dagher on Sunday, February 14, 2016

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