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The Greek Crisis in summary

by John Kountouris
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The Greek Crisis in summary

–by John Kountouris | JohnKountouris.com | 12:00PM, Los Angeles, CA | updated on Sept. 15, 2017, 11:02 pm (PST)

The following is a breakdown of the Greek economic crisis as per our media group, GreekNewsOnDemand.com. Please share…

Greek crisis outline:

1 – Greece is in a eight-year long economic crisis

2 – The Greek economic crisis is predicated on a suppose it €400 billion debt of the nation of Greece

3 – The causes of this debt are supposedly owed to Government malfeasance, tax evasion, unchecked government lending and other social economic factors like Greek people retiring at an early age

4 – Greece starting from May 2010 has resorted to the troika of the European Union for economic aid in order to deal with its problems

5 – Grease borrows money from the European Central Bank and the international monetary fund through a bailout program that the troika has designed for them

6 – This bailout program has entailed tough austerity measures like cuts in pensions and in salaries and cuts in government spending across the board

7 – In over five years this is all been proved to be a major failure

8 – Greeces economic situation has not improved in over five years and has even worsened

9 – Major institutions and players in the European Union have admitted to this failure of this bail out program for Greece which is called the memorandum

10 – According to the IMF’s charter Greece is one of its founding members and entitled to take a lending from it at a very low rate around 0.02% yet Greece today borrows money at around 9% or more…this is wrong and needs to be rectified

11 – The whole Greek crisis, which is predicated on a Greek bulging debt, is a big fraud…


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12 – The debt is fake and has been used as a pretext to put Greece under the control of these powers in Europe

13 – Former officials of the Greek statistical office called Elstat have come out to the media and have stated unequivocally that they were told over five years ago to artificially inflate the Greek debt and the Greek deficit to make it seem like Greece was in financial dire straits

14 – As a result of the manipulation of the official numbers of the financial data of the state of Greece, The Greek people have unjustly been forced to go through unbelievably onerous austerity measures which have led to things like Family and social breakdown and mass suicide it’s on the part of Greek citizens

15 – Why all this? All of this was used as a pretext so that the troika, big banks, multinational companies and oil companies could take over the nation of Greeces immense natural resources which according to experts amount to around €5 trillion in value

16 – All of this has been proven and demonstrated with official press releases and Greek government documents via publications of some of the most reputable Greek of journalists and economists which are some of my own colleagues and who participate in my media group

17 – The Greek crisis has actually been going on for many many years particularly the past 40+ years after the fall of the Greek military in 1974
18 – Since then Greece is been under the control of powerful Greek political families that are either socialist, communist or pseudo-conservatives all of which have caused a massive breakdown in Greek society on all fronts (politically, economically, socially, ethnically, and more)

19 – This whole breakdown and Greek society has been orchestrated by the powers of the new world order which have heavily influenced all the Greek government’s

20 – Henry Kissinger in the 1970s was one of the main catalysts and driving forces behind the breakdown of Greek society

21 – This is indeed a conspiracy against the Greek people, their culture, their faith and their civilization in general because they are the light of the world who founded all of Western civilization…


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